My School Essay In English | Essay on My School in 600+ Words

School is a subject of everyone’s awareness. We all know that Education is a must-have thing for everyone. This Education is given in schools. So, My School essay is an important subject for essay writing when students need to know information about the school to create hope and interest in the school.

This essay is meant to discuss in detail the information about one’s own school, its teachers, activities, curriculum. An essay on my school is a descriptive analysis of what a boy or girl thinks about school as a student!

My School Essay in English

My school is located in the center of Anandnagar village. The name of the school is “Navjivan Vidyalaya”. The school features a beautiful building, an evergreen garden, and a well-equipped ground. The very nature of the school instills in me a respect for education. I love my school so much.

There are tall Ashoka trees around the school, so if you look at it from a distance, a beautiful replica comes to mind. The school has a total of ten standards education and twenty-five classrooms which include the faculty classroom, principal room, laboratory, cultural building, and student class. The activities in the school from morning to evening are commendable.

The school has a principal, a deputy principal, four co-workers, and thirty-five teachers. There are no divisions from the first to the fourth standard. The fifth to seventh standards have two divisions each, and the eighth to tenth standards have three divisions each. There are comfortable benches for students to sit on. Students from small villages outside also come to the school for further education from the 8th.

Essay on My School in 600+ Words

I started my education at this school in the first class. For many days I was scared of this new school. But gradually I became school-friendly. I made so many friends of mine. We also started having fun with each other at school.

At first, I was afraid of the teachers but they understood me and explained all the studies properly.

I was fascinated by pictures of animals, flowers, birds, vehicles at school. After a few days, I started to like my school very much. I love playing on the school field. I like Patil Sir very much in our school. They take our games and teach us English subjects as well.

Our school hours are from ten in the morning to five in the evening. There is a cleaning activity from ten to half-past ten in the morning. Then there is our prayer. School prayers and rituals are half an hour during which we feel very happy. Prayer inspires us to study and learn new things throughout the day.

This is followed by two short 15-minute breaks at half-past twelve and four o’clock. There is a holiday for lunch at two o’clock in the afternoon. I love the school activities.

Arts, sports and educational activities are implemented in the school according to the interests of each child through which the holistic development of a child is possible.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My School in 150 Words

The school hosts cultural events twice a year. Also, Independence Day, Republic Day, Environment Day, and many more different days are celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school. Science exhibitions, sports competitions and oratory competitions, essay competitions, and rangoli competitions are held once a year at least three to four times.

I love going to school regularly and that is the discipline of the school. Apart from that, my school is a school that develops every student holistically and enhances his or her skills. So I love my Navjivan Vidyalaya very much and I am very proud of my school.

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