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“My father Essay” needs to be expressed with your experiences with father. You should be aware while writing an essay on this subject. As we get older, we realize that the rites of the father are our personality. You are expected to write an essay on how invaluable each of your father’s work is. So let’s see how to write an essay, “My Father, My Hero”!

Fathers are ideal for everyone. The identity of a father from childhood is no less than that of a hero. We often tell or feel how good our fathers are and how lucky we are. The role of the father is very important in our formation.

My Father Essay

Your family takes care of you. Every member of the family has raised you. In such a family, mother and father are the two pillars. Mother’s love creates love and affection in life, while the father’s love creates life. My father is a friend, teacher, role model for me. In a way, I consider him as my hero.

My father’s name is Vikas Anant Patil. My father works in a government office. Seeing his dedication and passion for his work, I want to work like him but my dream is to become a player. My father is helping me to fulfill that dream from now on. My father is skilled in both education and sports. I also play any game perfectly. He has taught me a lot of games.

He thinks that if I become a player, I can play the game of life better and live a better life. My father’s dream is to make me a better person. He says that no matter what my career is, I should be comfortable and happy. His emphasis is on simple experience rather than on giving ideas and advice. He has instilled good habits in themselves and in me.

Essay on My Father in 600+ Words

My Dad gets up early in the morning. It is compulsory to exercise after waking up in the morning. He teaches me and my brother exercise. He says that everything is possible if the body is fit. He then takes a bath and have breakfast and go to work. We also go to school after that. It is compulsory to follow discipline and study after going to school. He takes the same study from us when he comes home in the evening.

We need to walk outside in the open air without staying in the house for long, so after dinner, he takes us for a walk outside. The holidays are full of fun and adventure for us. That day we went out in the village or in the garden with family Going for a walk. When we go there, we have to eat ice-cream and have fun.

My father puts a lot of effort into developing the three aspects of exercise, sports, and study. Sometimes he behaves harshly. His behavior is temporary and for my own good. My father never argued with my mother when he was at home. The mother understands it well. Sometimes he even takes my mother shopping. My brother sings very well so he pays for my brother’s singing classes.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My Father in 150+ Words

The real test is the vacation! My father makes me experience adventures and works very hard. He suggests that our physical and mental resilience increases with courage and hard work. There are so many adventures that we have to do, such as swimming in the river, trekking, cycling or running long distances. So our nature has become adventurous and courageous.

My father gives every teaching in action. They pamper us and treat us harshly. He wants our lives to be noble. They always try to be self-reliant. He says you should not depend on others for anything. That is why my father, who is so far-sighted, is a hero to me.

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