My Mother Essay In English | Essay on My Mother in 600+ Words

No one can repay the mother’s debt. The birth mother is dear to everyone. An essay should be explaining the role and importance of motherhood. It needs to be written in school life. This “My Mother essay” is about everyone’s feelings toward their mother.

Essay on My Mother is expected to be written in simple words without exaggeration. The mother’s daily routine, her involvement in the family, her work, and her devotion and love for all are to be expressed in the essay “My Mother”

My Mother Essay in English

The mother’s praises are few and far between. Mom does a lot of work for you throughout the day. Her unconditional love and devotion to everyone in the family. Mother’s love cannot be expressed in words. The nature of her love is like the love of the sky!

My mother takes great care of everyone in the family. Our family is a family together. There are a total of ten people in the family. My mother’s name is Sumal. My father and mother lived in another village for the first few years after they got married. My father used to be out of town for work. I have an older brother. We were both very fond of my mother.

She helped our family a lot by making food. Dad used to go to work every morning. So her time to get up is 6 o’clock in the morning. Our school starts up at 10 o’clock. She did every work as required by getting up early in the morning.

My father goes to work, after that, she wakes us up at 7 in the morning. She has made it a habit for us to get up in the morning, brush our teeth, go to the toilet, and take a bath. After bathing, we pray together. She teaches us a new prayer each year. That prayer has to be said throughout the year.

Essay on My Mother in 600+ Words

She prepares us for going to school. Fills a water bottle and tiffin. We are strictly forbidden to drink outside water. I still can’t put on my shoes. She helped me with that. After we go to school, she cooks for grandparents and cleans the house. My aunt and my mother then do all the rest of the housework together.

My mother loves reading. She has completed her education till 12th standard. She reads stories and spiritual books. So we also developed a love of reading. She makes us wash our hands and feet after school. We play until 7 p.m. Until then, a father is away from work and presents at home.

Studying from 7 to 8 o’clock is the rule at home. Mom and aunt now cook dinner together. We are 4 siblings including cousins ​​and nieces. We have to have dinner together at half-past eight at night. After the meal, the mother tells a story every day while sleeping. I love to hear stories.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My Mother in 150+ Words

The mother is very sociable. Everyone loves her simplicity. Her teaching is always simple and quiet. Her hobbies are sewing and reading. She never argues with my father. She understands that children are spoiled by the TV. Sometimes we just watch a good movie. We are not allowed to watch much TV but play and read a lot.

At least once a week, Mom would take us out for a walk. Going for a walk in the temple, in the garden or in the forest is the order of the day. On holidays we play carom with mom. We love summer days. We go for traveling to nearby beautiful places and have a lot of fun.

I always feel the unconditional love of my mother. Mom does everything out of love. She sometimes gets angry when I make a mistake and then hugs and explains. I love explaining of hers. My mother is very happy and smiling. Her talent and her culture will last me a lifetime. Mother’s teaching always helps me to correct my mistakes. I love my mother very much.

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