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My favorite Game essay, This subject needs to be written as an essay while in school life. Everyone loves a game of their choice. Knowing the terms and conditions of the game makes everyone eager to play. This essay is all about how you like to play and how you play it. So let’s see how to write an essay, “My Favorite Game”!

My favorite Game – Cricket Essay

The game of cricket is very famous all over the world. Some selected countries like Australia, England, South Africa, India have achieved excellence in this sport. When I was young, cricket was popular everywhere, then we started playing this game with friends. Gradually, cricket became my favorite sport.

There are two main types of cricket played, such as limited-overs cricket and Test cricket. We didn’t understand Test cricket as children, but as we got older, we started to like Test cricket. When we play cricket, we play limited-overs cricket. We sometimes play cricket with a rubber and sometimes with tennis balls. I love the rules of cricket. The basic rule in this game is that if the opposing team completes the game and scores more runs than that team, then the other team wins, and if it does not collect or make those runs, then it loses!

Both teams have 11 players each. It consists of a captain, a vice-captain and a wicketkeeper. Players bat and bowl according to their art. First of all, the captains of both the teams throw the toss so that the captain who wins the toss decides whether to bat or bowl! The bowling team has to dismiss all the players of the batting team. On the other hand, batsmen keep scoring runs in all the overs. The team that bowls first gets a chance to bat later.

Cricket Essay in English

I play as an allrounder in our school and in our alleys. An all-rounder is a player who can excel in both batting and bowling. Such a player is very useful in the team. I am also the vice-captain of the team. Up to 7 pure batsmen can be included while the bowlers are 4 or 5 depending on the situation.

Batting is a very different technique. The batsman has to hit the ball with the bat in his hand. In cricket, there are types of batsman dismissals. The Stumps are behind where the batsman stands. If the wicket is picked up by the bowler while bowling, the batsman is dismissed. There are also types of dismissals such as batsmen getting caught, Leg before wicket (LBW), stumping, and run out. The bowler can bowl 6 balls in an over. Bowling is a technique that needs to be developed in a specific way. There are two types of bowlers in cricket, spin, and fast.

We use tennis balls to play cricket so we play very few overs match of 8 to 10 overs. Some of the players in our team play extremely well. You have to run across the pitch to score while batting. The cricket pitch is 21 to 22 meters. After the batsman has tossed the ball, he runs the distance of the pitch, 1 run and if he runs back, two runs are counted. The entire field has a circular boundary. If the ball is sent to the field stage beyond that boundary, 4 runs are scored and if it is hit directly off the field, 6 runs are caught.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My Favorite Game- Cricket in 150+ Words

While playing cricket, one has to save one’s wicket and score runs. If all the players are getting out while scoring, the opposing team comes down to bat. If the team scores one run more than the previous one while batting, the team is declared the winner and the match is tied if the runs are equal. There are referees to control all the matches and decide the batsmen and bowlers’ actions. There are two ground umpires and one is the third umpire. Their decisions are final and must be followed by both teams.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Cricket is a kind of battle. Where batsmen are both defending and attacking, bowlers are just hitting the ball properly. Both teams have the opportunity to bat and bowl. Playing cricket develops team spirit, patience, skill, and leadership at the same time. A player has to do various tasks like batting, bowling, fielding. So while playing cricket, there is no sense of time and you also enjoy playing. So I love the game of cricket.

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