My Best friend Essay | Essay on My Best Friend in English [600+ Words]

My favorite friend or My best friend, this topic is very useful for essays. Essays are written on this subject while in secondary or primary school. There is no need to say anything new about how important a friend’s place is in your life, but you are expected to express your feelings towards your friend in simple words.

This essay is not meant to be written in a more fictional form. This essay is meant to express in emotional terms how important your friend’s place in life is. Let’s see the essay “My Best Friend“!

My Best friend Essay

Relationships in a family last a lifetime but are not expressed when we are in the family as a whole. Only a friend who knows and knows the feelings and nature of our mind. Although not related by blood, an inseparable bond is formed with him. Everyone chooses their friends according to their own nature.

Kedar is my favorite and best friend. He and I became friends in school when I was five. We used to live in Pune. I still remember the day he and I met. I was sitting on his bench because I was late for school. It was a wonderful day for me and him. We both had a lot of fun. After that day we both started sitting on the bench together.

When I was in school, he always helped me with my studies. The two of us were always having dinner together. We used to share the fun of home and sports together. If I always loved playing cricket, he would play football. We never played against each other on the field, but we cooperated in each other’s games. In school, I was just as smart, and he was sharp.

Essay on My Best Friend in English

He and I have been friends for five years now. There are so many memories of him. Right now I’m in high school. He went to another school two years ago. As his father was transferred to Mumbai for work, he too had to go there for education. Now we are calling each other. Sharing the fun of school and life on the phone.

I am still in the same school in Pune. He comes to us during the summer and Diwali holidays. All of our plans are in place before he arrives.

Planning what to play and what to have fun is already done. Now he has learned to play cricket and I also play football with him. We go anywhere together for lunch on vacation. We just sit down to eat together wherever we like.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My Best Friend

The two of us had an argument over playing last year. We both regretted not talking to each other for a week. Then I apologized and ended the silence. After that, we decided never to argue again. He and our family now have a good relationship. Our friendship now spans two families.

Reading a book or story in the evening is our house rule. He too has now started reading books. In some ways, we are both aware of new art and virtues. A few years ago, their preferences were different, but today it is not. We have come to understand each other very well.

We buy the same shirt every holiday as a reminder of each other’s friendship. We still have some friends in our alley but it is impossible to describe the comfort and well-being I get when I am with Kedar. A different energy is felt when he is with me. Today I also have friends at school but it is my good fortune to have a kind and generous friend like Kedar!

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