My Family Essay in English | Essay on My Family In 600+ Words

Students have to write this essay while in primary school. This essay aims to analyze the personal information of each family member and what he does for the family. My family essay is an essay that conveys the duties of a family member together. So let’s find out how to write this essay!

Our own parents are our family. People living in the same house are bound by these relationships. That is why their coexistence becomes beautiful. Everyone’s family is loved by everyone. In this essay, Discuss all our own family members as well as their lifestyle and routine.

Important points

• Home and family member information
• Realistic routine
• Family’s involvement in every act
• Moral values ​​in the family
• Events like playing, having fun, going for walks together.

My Family Essay in English

My name is Keshav Anant Patil. I live in Anandnagar city. All our relatives also live there. My family is a family together and the family has a total of fourteen members. We have a huge family of my grandparents, their three children, three daughters-in-law, two children, each of those three children. Our house is a spacious building.

I have three brothers and two sisters. I am the eldest son of our family. Since my siblings are younger than me, I have to be a little more responsible. My grandfather used to farm in the village. He is very fond of farming. In the past, my father and two cousins ​​also lived in the village. Their education is also done in the village.

Now, five years ago, my father and two cousins ​​built this new big house together and brought my grandparents to live with us. My father is a teacher and both cousins ​​are in the textile business. My father and two cousins ​​always dreamed of living together. That dream we are all living now.

Essay on My Family In 600+ Words

My mother does the housework. She loves singing and reading. Her work doesn’t end all day. After housework, she has taken care of her hobbies. My father is very contracted. They always like a discipline at home. Since my father is a teacher, the values ​​of education are rooted in me and all my siblings. We too have become proficient in reading and studying.

After waking up in the morning and finishing the morning ritual, everyone at home has to say a prayer. After the prayer, everyone finishes their meal and breakfast and goes to work. We kids go to school. Another rule is to do all the work honestly throughout the day. When we get home from school, we play together for an hour and then sit down to study.

After dinner, the whole family spends the day chatting together. Grandma tells us the story. As soon as I hear the story, I fall asleep. My younger sister Kusum loves to listen to stories. When she wakes up in the morning, she tells us the rest. We siblings always have quarrels but after quarrels grandfather explains to us properly. Since the atmosphere in the house is disciplined, we automatically calm down.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My Family In 150 Words

My family members always live in harmony. Everyone is good at comedy. Sometimes my father and grandfather play chess during the holidays. I don’t understand but they sit together for hours. We play cricket and carom on vacation. Mom also teaches us all singing. At least once a week, we all go for a walk in the garden.

In short, my family is a cultured one. Grandpa and Grandma are two strong pillars that have benefited our family. Also, since everyone is disciplined, debates don’t get much.

All the rules that have to be followed while living together are followed so we live laughing all time. My family is always ready to shape our future and life.

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