Yoga Essay In English | Essay on Yoga in 600+ Words

The term “Yoga” is very broad. Yoga is unity. Unity of all living and non-living elements! That unity is not merely verbal, but real. Yoga is about experiencing complete inner stability while living every moment with excitement. Students are expected to write an essay on “Yoga” to understand the concept of yoga. So let’s see how to write a “Yoga essay”!

Yoga Essay in English

The practice of yoga has been going on in Indian culture since time immemorial. Nowadays, yoga is referred to as just doing physical exercise in a different way. The purpose behind it is to make the body flexible and stable by doing various asanas. Yoga is beneficial in terms of body and health but it is only a primary step in spiritual upliftment.

We have to work hard to maintain our physical and mental health. Keeping the body healthy has become essential. A healthy body and mind is the key to true success. Healthy living is the result of doing yoga. All people from all over the world must be clearly known all concepts of yoga.

Western countries imitate yoga as it is seen with the naked eye. Only he understood the physical benefits of yoga. The spiritual foundation behind it is not understood. So yoga doesn’t make sense as it has become fashionable today. Today, while doing yoga, various asanas are not done in proportion. Proper movement of the body is not maintained while doing yoga.

Essay on Yoga in 600+ Words

Let us first look at why and how yoga was created. In Indian culture, the body needs to be healthy and flexible for spiritual progress. The purpose of yoga is to bring stability to the body, then to the mind, and then to the level of consciousness. In the past, as it was the ashram of spiritual gurus, no one took yoga except gurus. Yoga is done by the disciple according to how much he needs.

The flow of energy in the body must be at play. For this, body cleansing is considered very necessary. If there are disorders in the body and mind, then yoga can be dangerous. Only if there is a certified yoga guru can he teach yoga properly, otherwise if you start doing yoga by watching videos, reading somewhere, you will harm the body.

To be spiritually self-illuminated one must be stable at every level of existence. If yoga is practiced, no matter how much energy is transmitted to the body, the body can tolerate that energy. As the intensity of energy gradually increases, we experience that we are just conscious. Then the body does not feel the need for anything. In such a case the body is just as capable of holding the body or the consciousness living in the body.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Yoga in 150+ Words

The experience of energy is so great that it can cause a lot of pain in the body. Such a self-illuminated or enlightened person can remain stable even on a physical level without causing that pain. That is, in a way we are preparing the body for a spiritual experience by doing yoga. For that, yoga is a matter of doing consciously. If you have a tendency to do some kind of exercise by bending the body, then yoga will not be beneficial for you.

Today there is so much competition which results in mental sickness. Man is creating various addictions and means of entertainment day by day but he has not got stability. Many people do yoga to achieve that stability. If yoga is done properly, it will definitely benefit you if it is done under the guidance of a yoga guru. Yoga is a way to find happiness and contentment as well as to discover your own existence.

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