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The village is dear to everyone. Everyone loves the village where you were born and where you spent your childhood. Students have to write this essay in school life. His guidance and writing style should be a bit like his own village. A person’s umbilical cord and childhood are stored in that village. Therefore, writing such an essay is an activity in school life.

My Village Essay In English

My village’s name is Chandanpur! This village is famous in our District area. All the people in the village are friendly. The river Krishna flows near our village. Our village is endowed with natural beauty as it is situated in the foothills of the mountains and the river flows nearby. There will be around two hundred houses in our village.

We enthusiastically celebrate various cultural festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Ganeshotsav and Diwali are very joyful festivals. We have two young friend Groups in our village who celebrate every festival every year with social enthusiasm. There are two temples in the village, Maruti and Bhairavnath. The two temples in the village have gained a place of attraction and reverence. Devotees from many parts of the district come to see God.

The village Pilgrimage is in the month of March and the pilgrimage is a great occasion for all the people. All the guests and the villagers who have settled in other cities come together for the pilgrimage and celebrate the function of Bhairavnath Deva. The pilgrimage to the village is carried out according to the cultural tradition. The pilgrimage of the village lasts for two days but its journey lasts for fifteen days.

Essay On My Village

The village also has a gram panchayat. Through which all the affairs of the village are taken care of properly. Since agriculture is the means of subsistence, there is an abundance of crops, forests, trees, and orchards in our village. Chiku, pomegranate, banana, papaya are grown while wheat, sorghum, rice, and other pulses are also grown in the field.

The village used to have a water problem but now it does not feel the problem. There are two large water tanks, two public wells in the village which provide year-round water availability. The village has abundant water supply, housing for all, adequate food, and vegetables. The village also has two grocery stores for shopping for other necessities.

The village has a government primary school and a children’s Anganwadi school. Both schools have playgrounds for children and the school has talented teachers to teach. Many of the people who learned in the village school have got good jobs and business today. The school has improved a lot now. The school is becoming digital. Various subjects are also taught through computers and projectors.

Short Essay / Paragraph On My Village in 150+ Words

The development of the village is always at the forefront. Regardless of politics, some development issues are considered before the election so that they can be implemented. village meetings are held on the outskirts of the village through which issues or development issues are raised.

The village has paved roads and proper transport facilities. All the families participate in any activity of the village together to maintain commitment in all places. Due to agriculture, all festivals and celebrations are related to agriculture. All the people together help each other in farming. Many memories of my childhood have been linked to the village that I will never forget. I love my Chandanpur village very much.

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