Pollution Essay | Essay on Pollution in English [700+ Words]

Pollution is a problem facing the whole world! Pollution never happens for no reason. There are concepts of human selfishness and undue development behind the occurrence of pollution. Students at all levels have to write an essay on pollution. This essay aims to discuss the types of pollution, its causes, and remedies.

Writing this essay is not meant to be a fictional passage. This essay is meant to be beautiful by properly analyzing the actual events, causes, and consequences. Let’s see the essay, Pollution!

Pollution Essay in English

Pollution is a waste created in nature or natural resources! Its contamination! There are two types of pollution that are directly related to us. One is water pollution and the other is air pollution. Since we live on land, air, and water are constantly used and needed.

The effects of pollution may not have been so devastating, but we are moving far away from nature and the open environment due to the growing uncontrolled population, the rush to meet their needs and the pursuit of wasteful development and over-technology.

Let’s look at air pollution first. When we breathe, we take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. If there is enough forest in the area, the gases emitted are absorbed by the plants and release oxygen. As a result, we can stay healthy naturally. Today, on the other hand, there are so many people living together that while meeting their basic needs, there is a great loss of nature. Vehicles and industries that have been created, pollute the air enormously.

Essay on Pollution

Now, to show such a fast and advanced population, cars, industries, various types of factories were started. Harmful gases released from which are harmful to the body and the environment. The health that is readily available in nature is what we are looking for in a hospital today. The ozone layer is depleted as unwanted gases are not absorbed into nature. Humans are suffering from its effects through many disorders.

Now the second issue is water pollution! The second element that the body needs is water! We drink water or the food we eat contains water. Today, only natural resources like rivers, streams, and springs are getting polluted. The reason is urbanization and industrialization and the resulting waste management!

Waste disposal is done directly near the river, water source. As a result, it decomposes in water and the water becomes contaminated. Sewage from factories, chemicals are also easily discharged into the water. As a result, everyone has to pay the price of health. The need for water is also increasing due to the growing population. Measures are taken to provide clean water but no one is cleaning the big water sources. Their pollution is widespread.

Flowing water is clean. When water accumulates, it forms puddles, so let the water sources that are flowing clean. Do not contaminate their flow As well as air. The more trees and forests, the purer the air will be. So plant trees, avoid unnecessary use of vehicles. Let there be a tendency towards natural life.

Paragraph on Pollution (150+ Words)

The increasing adverse effects of pollution include eye, skin, respiratory, and heart diseases. The body as a whole is becoming contaminated. Our country is at a shallow level in terms of health under the development of selfishness and world power. We are moving towards a Western lifestyle by completely abandoning the healthy way of life that we used to live.

Today’s concept of development is not based on the development of the entire human race but only on increasing the use of physical and natural resources. So pollution and ill health are its side effects. In order to increase material goods and their use, the population needs to increase year by year, and that is the main cause of pollution.

Land pollution is also a form of pollution. Symptoms of soil erosion and soil erosion include pollution. Land pollution is also on the rise due to deforestation and disposal of chemicals. So instead of saying do it unnecessarily, do population control and meet physical needs then there will be no discussion about pollution.

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