Essay On Diwali for Students In English [500+ Words]

Essay On Diwali, This subject needs to be written as an essay while in school. It requires complete knowledge and information about the festival. Its cultural and traditional significance should be known. From it, you can write about any festival at your favorite festival.

With all the rituals and traditional acts perform in Diwali days, you have to come across all of them with proper mannerisms and well-structured sentences. Let’s see how can you write this essay in an easy way!

Essay on Diwali in English

All the festivals in India are celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. Diwali is one of them! ‘Dipawali’ is also an alternative name for this festival. This festival is the lighting of lamps. The whole area is to be illuminated.

Diwali is celebrated in the month of October or November. This festival is celebrated in a duration of a full four days. This festival is celebrated when all the agricultural work is completed and the grain is brought home. Before that, the house and the premises are cleaned.

Before Diwali, Eatable sweets are prepared. The main dishes like Laddu, Chakali, Karanji, Chivda are made. Apart from this, gram flour and semolina laddu, barfi, chikki are also made now. This is the time for everyone in the house to buy new clothes.

All Raw food items are purchased before Diwali. Also Items like sky lanterns, rangoli, firecrackers, perfumes, soaps, oil lamps, etc. are procured. One day before Diwali, sky lanterns and electric lanterns are decorated around the house. Everyone makes food together.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Diwali (150+ Words)

For children, Diwali is a joyous occasion. On the first day, ablution is done by getting up early in the morning and applying cosmetics. Everyone loves to wear new clothes and play firecrackers and have a sweet and spicy breakfast.

The girls and women of the house make nice rangoli in front of the house. A wealth of the home is worshiped on Dhantrayodashi. On Narak Chaturthi day, One gets up early in the morning and takes a bath. A clean bath with scented cosmetics and oils. Breakfast is then done. The next day is Diwali Padva or Balipratipada! On this day your loved ones and objects are axed.

The fourth day of Diwali is Bhaubij! (or Bhai Duj in Hindi) The sister waves to the brother. It is customary for the brother to give something as a gift later. The sweetness in the relationship between brother and sister becomes clear through it. This festival of Diwali brings a lot of joy, enlightenment, happiness, and satisfaction. So Diwali is my favorite festival.

This Information is about the Maharashtrian type of Diwali. In India, we all know that different traditional acts are performed in different regions. If you have some suggestions regarding this Diwali essay, Please comment in a comment box. Thank You!

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