Water Conservation Essay | Essay on Water Conservation [700+ Words]

An essay on water conservation or water conservation has to be written while in secondary or higher secondary school. Everyone knows the importance of water but the suffix expressed in words is the essay on the subject of water! Care to be taken while writing this essay is to formulate appropriate sentences and points!

The subject of water conservation is very deep and full of expansion. Its use in every society and in every country can be at different levels. Let’s see what exactly is water conservation and how to write an essay on that topic!

Water Conservation Essay in English

Water is, of course life! Such a statement is also experienced by everyone. The amount of water used on a daily basis varies from person to person, but it has become a duty today to use it properly. From morning till night a person consumes water, the amount of which is increasing day by day.

Water is used in the kitchen, for washing dishes, bathing, and drinking. Water is also needed for all these works, but what to do if it is being wasted should be seriously considered. Today, with population and water pollution looming, controlled use of water has become a necessity.

Every country and its government thinks about water conservation and decides its policies and plans. The population at that time, the available water resources, and its planning and supply all have to be decided by the government in its own policy. Policies such as setting up water projects in areas where rainfall is high and supplying water to areas where there is drought or water scarcity are successful.

The efforts made in the last two decades are remarkable. In India, however, power generation and water supply have been brought forward in a proper manner. The power problem in the entire state has been avoided through both power projects and dams built on big rivers and the dam has made agricultural development possible. So even the small village elements are living a better life today by subsisting on agriculture.

Essay on Water Conservation

Water must be available for twelve months for water conservation or water planning. There is no denying that the balance of nature is deteriorating. We should also consider the population when looking for reasons for it. Why is nature moving? Why are forests being cut down? Why are air and water becoming polluted?

In the search for answers to all these questions, the issue of population growth is always pushed back and mere measures are taken to destroy nature. It is necessary to conserve water but it will not be acceptable to stop the flow of water and obstruct the process of nature. Everyone knows that the water cycle goes to the sea, then the water evaporates and returns to the earth in the form of rain.

Water conservation can be done properly by removing water pollution and planning barriers. Industry, agriculture, and science and technology play an important role in the development of any state. Water conservation is required to make water available to such sources of income. With proper water management, there is no doubt that the entire state and alternatively the country will be at the forefront in all areas.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Water Conservation (150+ Words)

Geographical basis has to be taken into consideration while conserving water. Natural lakes and ponds have to be considered as they are used to supply water for twelve months. In such a region, if water erosion, digging of fodder on farms, orchards and erosion of rainwater are set up, the area can be further developed.

Groundwater has always enabled us to do better farming. Wells, bore wells can provide continuous availability of water. But it requires a lot of water in that area. For this purpose, water conservation measures are taken to conserve water without wasting much water in the rainy season.

Taken as a whole, it will be seen that some of the concepts such as increasing groundwater reserves, proper use of water, water supply, water planning, water pollution prevention are essential in water conservation. The government implements such schemes and projects but the participation and cooperation of the common man are equally necessary. Water conservation, waste management needs to be done at the individual level and at the family level.

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