Unemployment Essay in English | Essay on Unemployment in 700+ Words

Students hear the word unemployment but do not have the word in their experience. Additional reading of this issue and topic is required. In order to write an essay, one must have a thorough knowledge of the causes and remedies of unemployment. The issues need to be structured. Try to avoid exaggeration. Unemployment should not be a fictional extension as it is a realistic essay. Let’s see how to write this, Unemployment Essay in English!

Unemployment is expected to be analyzed and addressed. But the problem is growing day by day. As a solution to this problem, changes in the education system and available employment opportunities should be considered. Only then can we get the solution to this problem for sure!

Unemployment Essay in English

Unemployment is caused by a growing population, education system, unskilled youth, selfishness, and vain competition. If education is given by recognizing global and social facts, needs, and business goals, then we can face the problem of unemployment to a great extent. We must first discuss what fundamental changes can be made.

First of all, let’s see why the word unemployment comes up again and again. Political powers are using the word ‘unemployment’ for their own convenience. Politicians keep shouting that while creating a glorious society while in power itself, keeping every element poor and giving unused education without providing the education that is needed and then unemployment came about due to the power of the opposition.

The education system also contributes to unemployment. In a developed society, the education that should be given does not seem to be considered. Today science and technology are so advanced that there are so many opportunities available in it at home and abroad. But the education system completes education only by imparting book knowledge. It is true that a young person who has graduated cannot do any practical work. So how can such education create jobs?

Essay on Unemployment in 700+ Words

Young people do not develop skills while studying and only go for a job on a certificate. Why would any company hire them when they have nothing to do? Such young people will remain unemployed! As the education system also became a business, the so-called education emperors became richer and society became poorer and unemployed. The reality that a young person sees after finishing his education is that he has never experienced it before, so he becomes a mental failure.

Now population growth is also responsible for unemployment. The country is neglecting the population due to a lack of adequate livelihood resources, leading to mass unemployment. How can it be possible to provide employment to educated and uneducated youth at once? At present, our country does not have such a large number of industrial units. If the population is controlled gradually, life-saving competition can be reduced and employment can be created in a systematic manner.

The educated youth are equally responsible for unemployment. Without looking for future opportunities in education and without enhancing his own skills, the young man continues to pursue only intellectual and linguistic education and gains nothing. So he gets unemployed after completing his education. If one does not get skillful education, then one should try to get skills in any field.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Unemployment in 150+ Words

Unemployment is also the result of vain ambition and selfishness. Unrealistic dreams are shown by all society while all needs are easily met. Even if it is not fulfilled, man can easily live happily but by showing lust for material happiness, he is attracted to great youth. All the youth then came under the umbrella of an organization, a social system, use them as servants or as unemployed! It doesn’t matter. Industrial establishments make a lot of money from them to get employment.

Unemployment is the result of selfishness. It is detrimental to the dream of a bright future when you are young or to study and not to strive for success. Then came the shocking reality that in the name of unemployment, the only thing left to do was to complain to others about the education system, social and family issues. Let’s hope that personal development is the only way to get employment and by taking advantage of it at the right time, all the youth will create self-employment and eliminate unemployment.

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