Health Is Wealth Essay | Importance of Health Essay in 700+ Words

Health is an asset. Essay on the importance of health is taught to students at an early age while they are in school. When writing an essay, you want to explain the advantages and Importance of a healthy life. Let’s see, then, how to write, in the simplest way, “Health is Wealth” essay!

How can health be conceptualized? Assume that health is only when the body and mind are completely healthy, and you are not even aware of being healthy. Because if there is a health problem, we are constantly reminded of the body, so we need to do everything we can to get physical and mental health.

Health is Wealth Essay

Today is the time of competition, where everyone is dumbfounded in a different race. For many, the focus is on work and money. But neglecting health is not affordable in the future. It is our responsibility to consider how much attention we pay to the body. We must take care of our health.

Today’s hospitals, medicines, surgeries are so expensive that a person has to bear the cost as a cure. There is also a lot of time spent on it. The doctor himself testifies that the chemical drugs heal you and you have to take them for life. That is, if a problem arises, we are bound to the medical, the hospital, rather than a permanent solution. The grief of all of them is also great.

Everyone should know the importance of health as a solution to all such problems. The physical state is mortal, permanence is not the law of the body. It is also true that the body grows and dies in old age. So how can we stay healthy in the allotted time? This should be considered thoroughly. Only then, we will realize that health is our real asset.

Importance of Health Essay in 700+ Words

Health refers to both physical and mental health because if the mental state is not strong, it has adverse effects on the body. If there is fear and tension in the mind, then problems like blood pressure, headaches, heart disorders arise. Mental health must also be maintained if the body is to be well maintained. For that, we can do yoga, pranayama, meditation.

Mental health improves so that you are automatically happy and satisfied. It changes the way you think and live. The point now is the body! The body is a machine. It should continue. Every organ should be engaged in this work. The arms and legs should be used constantly in work or exercise. In addition to that, sitting up straight, walking properly, playing a physical sport are things that are healthy for the body.

Bones, heart, blood, nervous system, digestive system, brain, senses all need to be exercised at least once a day to keep them healthy. Toxic glands in the body are excreted through sweat, So no disease is created in the body. In addition to drinking plenty of water, it is necessary to have a controlled meal. Eating a full stomach causes drowsiness and lethargy. You get more sleep.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Health

Frequent overeating then becomes a habit. Unnecessary glands do not leave the body and disease is invited. No one understands the importance of health without getting sick. Today, cancer and heart disease are very common. The treatment of those people lasts a lifetime. If you don’t want to spend your future time in the hospital, start doing at least a little exercise throughout the day now.

Keeping your body fit is one of the most important parts of your life. It also requires physical exertion. Today, with less physical exertion, more and more people are becoming obese. Problems like high blood pressure and diabetes are easily found in such people. Death is imminent, but be careful before you die in a hospital.

Happiness in a healthy life is not only achieved but also a lot of time to cultivate one’s hobbies and interests because such people are not lazy. Naturally, they get up early in the morning and go to work. They also go to bed early at night. In order to enjoy or use what you have in life, you need to be in good health. For that, try to improve mental health along with physical health and be happy. Only then will you truly understand that health is wealth!

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