Essay On Technology | Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology

Technology Essay In English: Today, in the twenty-first century, technology has evolved more than ever before. The discovery of science is an attempt to know the physical existence! From that, how can it develop science and how can it be conveniently used in human life, the work done for that is technology!

Technology information requires knowledge of some scientific concepts and how human physical development took place. Students should always avoid unnecessary extensions when writing an essay on the subject of technology. Topical syntax and coherent scientific information are expected.

Technology Essay In English

Although the period of human life and evolution is very old, some important physical and scientific discoveries made in the last century have contributed to the development of man. Human life is very mysterious. In it, science has to be called a step of revolution. Many skills and techniques were used to make that science easier to use.

Technology has developed in almost every field to make human material life convenient. Technology can be called the task of science. The insistence on how all scientific rules and approaches can be applied in various technical ways means that we understand it as progress. Any task can be accomplished sitting today. With minimal use of physical exertion, man has been able to perform all the tasks he needs with the help of technology.

Man cannot live without food, water, shelter, clothing. Technology is also beginning to participate in all these basic needs. Technology is being used from food production to food processing. Today water is easily available in clean form through water purification and water treatment. Technology is being used to build new types of houses and buildings.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology

Technology is responsible for all industrial development. The process of making goods is accelerating. Human consumption is declining in the industry due to large machines and technical driving capacity. Computers and operating machines make huge tasks possible in a matter of seconds. So people who can handle technology are needed in the industry today.

Mobile and computer usage has brought the whole world on one platform. The exchange of ideas, global problems are coming together and being solved. The use of technology has opened up many development options. Business, transport, agriculture, tourism are all areas being developed with technology. Traveling by air, as well as water travel, and land travel has become quite enjoyable.

The advantages of technology are superficial. Without its controlled use, however, nature and the environment will be harmed. Rising pollution, radiation, and emission of technological energy, water pollution, rising temperatures, all these problems have to be attributed to technology and science. Is there an end to growing technology? No one has the answer to this question. As a result, human mental and physical health is deteriorating.

There has been tremendous progress in the fields of electrical and electronics. The whole campus is energetic and illuminated. Automatic technology can do the work of all human beings. Robots and computerized machines are examples. Technology is also being used in the medical field to treat serious illnesses. Changes in the human body are easily recorded.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Technology

Technology is trying to make people’s lives happier, but it is not seen today. Human selfishness and needs are greatly increased. Technical competition has also been created. In which human capabilities are being neglected. Mental patients have increased a lot. If technology is used in a controlled and regular manner, it will be beneficial for man. It is wrong to do any experiment using technology in nature. It will have temporary benefits, but the future will be bleak.

So in today’s technological and scientific age, we have to go beyond the intellect and think about natural life and human existence. There should be rules for recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of technology and using it as much as necessary. Only then, We can make real technological progress.

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