Deforestation Essay | Essay on Deforestation in English [600+ Words]

The benefits of plants or their use in human life are to be written in point form. Avoiding exaggeration, in very harsh language, is to prove that deforestation is a problem. So let’s see, this essay on Deforestation!

Deforestation has been a problem for decades. Its disadvantages are well known. Yet trees are losing their lives to meet the growing population and the resulting needs. The results of such deforestation have to be written by the students in this essay. The reasons for deforestation and possible disadvantages are to be explained in this essay.

Deforestation Essay

Rather than saying that human needs are increasing, population growth has created a competition. In such a competition, only selfishness is achieved. No one seems to think about nature and the environment. The number of industrial establishments, educational institutions, houses, buildings that have been built in the last three decades is unprecedented. For all that, wood was used in one way or another. Naturally, this led to deforestation.

The relationship between trees and nature is very close. The air and water needed to survive on earth depend on plants. It takes rain on the ground to complete the water cycle. Rainfall requires cool and environmentally friendly terrain. Evergreen trees are needed for this. The more trees there are, the more rainfalls. Now if you cut down the trees yourself, the amount of rain will be less.

Plants also perform respiratory functions in which they release oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. Humans and other living things need oxygen. It also releases carbon dioxide from all living things. That is to say, there is nothing wrong with saying that plants and living things give life to each other. Plants also absorb toxic gases from cars and factories.

Essay on Deforestation in English [600+ Words]

If deforestation occurs, we are doing ourselves a disservice. The heat is increasing as there are no trees in the area. This heat is not good for human skin and eyes. Health problems are also on the rise due to air pollution. If the number of trees in the area is increased by stopping deforestation, human health will improve and drought will never come.

Trees carry their roots deep into the ground. They need water. When it rains, the water that dies in the soil is absorbed by the roots of the trees. So the trees grow. Soil fertility is controlled. Soil erosion does not occur. But if the trees are cut down, the soil will be eroded and the fertility of the soil will be lost. The balance of the environment will not be maintained. Animal and bird life will come to an end.

Man has many devices in the name of development by which a tree that has lived for many years is destroyed in a single day. It is done in a forested manner. The animals and birds migrate from there. Their water and food problems once again come to the fore. All of the wildlife was disrupted. If there is a river, if the trees next to it are cut down, that river dries up in summer.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Deforestation [150+ Words]

Deforestation is a major obstacle in the cycle of nature. The temperature on Earth has suddenly risen too much. The ozone layer is depleting due to rising temperatures and pollution. One or more of these problems are related to deforestation. Stop deforestation. Create a happy environment for yourself and the community.

Many social and governmental organizations are working for the protection of the environment and nature. Give them generous financial support. Do labor if needed. The campaign against deforestation. Plant innumerable trees, keep them alive. Only then can we create a brighter future for mankind for future generations.

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