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Integrity is the best way to live, and everyone needs to work in that direction. We can live properly only if we experience the concept of integrity, otherwise, a kind of strife and the mental struggle continues throughout life. We will discuss how this integrity can come to life or be experienced in the “Essay on Integrity – a way of life“.

It is impossible to complete this essay without students needing to know the subject. Proper and concise thoughts and word formation are expected here without exaggeration and emotional expansion. Since this subject is a bit internal and mentally structured, a slightly different view of life needs to be clarified here. Let’s see how to write an essay, “Integrity – a way of life”!

Integrity – A Way Of Life Essay

We keep realizing that we are two in what we see. We keep thinking of ourselves as different from others. That was the real mistake. We need to think about how we can define success and failure in life. If all society is happy for one reason, then that reason is enough for success. On the other hand, if the reasons why a single person is happy are harmful to society, then such a person is considered a failure.

It is human nature to think for oneself and strive for material happiness. But if that happiness is obtained by hurting others, then such a life would be miserable. The alternative is to do good to others. But then we become sad because we do not do good to others. The only alternative to these two opposite situations is integrity!

What is integrity? How can integrity be achieved? With that in mind, you need to know what kind of happiness you expect in life. Happiness is the pursuit of selfishness, isn’t it? Remember this too. Integrity is the vision that one seeks to achieve when one realizes that happiness and contentment are in the best interests of all.

Essay on Integrity in 700+ Words

You perceive what you see as different from what you see, so whatever you do is a form of violence for others. Such violence is not in the form of expression, but its far-reaching consequences are troubling. The same is true of all societies and all people. I am the whole society and society is me, the one who gets such a loyal attitude and vision knows the
importance of integrity in the true sense.

If our nature is fragmented then corruption is created in itself. It breaks everyone down and cultivates an egoistic attitude. Then there is the feeling that I am great and everyone else is insignificant. Such a person is not sensitive. Therefore, the loss of nature, family, and alternatively society is caused by him. Even if that person goes to do something good, the result is sad.

If integrity is not the attitude of life, then our nature is entrusted to other causes and our own selfishness is pursued. For example, when we eat meat, do we realize that someone has died for our food? When a tree is cut down, do we know that we are taking its life? Are we aware that we are polluting and harming nature in the name of development and progress of society? Only the sensitive mind is aware of all this. Such a mind can live with an unbroken vision.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Integrity in 150+ Words

Physical development is the complete destruction of nature. Today, atomic bombs and weapons are being developed in the name of science. Wars are fought. One country is attacked as an enemy of another. People’s lives are taken. What is all this? It’s just a distorted mindset created by a broken attitude. If we want to avoid all forms of violence and evil, we must develop integrity.

In order to develop integrity, positive energy must be transmitted to all people. No one should live in ego as different from childhood. He is expected to be taught that way. For that, noble things like meditation, happiness, satisfaction need to be brought into a man. Action without purpose and respect for the other soul should become the natural nature of man.

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