Cleanliness Essay | Essay On Importance Of Cleanliness in 600+ Words

Students are encouraged to write essays on Cleanliness to understand the importance of hygiene. It is expected in this essay to show the real situation as it is and not to expand the fiction. Let’s see how to write an essay on “cleanliness”!

Cleanliness is the duty of all. Hygiene is the quality by which we become the pike of beauty. Keeping your home, surroundings, body, and mind clean is what makes a great personality. Our society, village, city, and country all need to be clean. Therefore, our country is progressing and we are progressing in the true sense.

Cleanliness Essay In English

Our existence is a little different than other animals. Other animals are naturally safe. They do not need much hygiene. But man is bound by cleanliness. Even if you don’t take a bath for a few days, you start getting body odor. If the house is not cleaned, disease, sickness, uncleanliness spreads around. It is important to keep the body and surroundings clean.

Lack of cleanliness in today’s society has created a serious situation. The issue of waste management is constantly coming to the fore. The government and the social system are working on it! But there is a need to be aware of hygiene even at the most basic level, that is, at the individual level. We can analyze how we can maintain cleanliness or what provisions can be made.

First we can start with the family. Garbage is stored in everyone’s house. Let’s see how waste disposal is done accordingly. Wet waste and dry waste management are two different factors. We can burn dry waste and we can use wet waste for organic manure. Composting and drainage of chemicals can be done properly.

Essay On Importance Of Cleanliness in 600+ Words

If there is garbage in the house, it should be cleaned with a broom. It is better to avoid the use of plastic as plastic waste does not decompose quickly! You can also implement it at the social level with some of the main objectives of not spitting in public places, not polluting by yourself, keeping garbage bins in the area, and dumping garbage in it. It can create a clean society, village, and city.

Cleaning the premises means cleaning all the environmental elements. Cleaning rivers, streams, mountains, land, and air is also a matter of cleanliness. Due to population growth and increasing competition for survival, a lot of moral values ​​have been eroded. Human selfishness is on the rise. That is why we are seeing the miserable condition of nature
today. We must keep nature clean by eliminating pollution.

You need to understand the dangers of not being clean. The first is the spread of infectious diseases which make the society sick. It affects all parts of the body, animals, and the environment. If one generation is not aware of cleanliness, the next generation will be the same. Living without cleansing can also happen on a physical level. As a result, the mind
becomes numb.

Short Essay / Paragraph On Importance Of Cleanliness in 150+ Words

The benefits of cleanliness are innumerable. If cleanliness is maintained at all physical, family, and social levels then a pleasant atmosphere is created. Clean and fresh air flows in the area. Neatness and tidiness are accepted in all life. People are attracted to see that cleanliness, then such a society, the country starts moving on the path of progress.

In order to attain and become aware of pure form and pure bliss, it is necessary to cleanse the body, mind, home premises, all such levels. It also needs to keep the natural elements like air, water, land etc. clean. With such awareness and then the actual action that takes place, we can build a clean, creative and developed society.

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