Holi Essay In English | Essay on Holi Festival in 500+ Words

While writing this Holi essay in English, I want to explain the diversity of this festival in the province or state in which you live in India. I do not want to elaborate on imaginary too much on this essay. Care must be taken to ensure that the information about the festival is accurate. So let’s see how to write the essay “Holi”!

Essay on Holi in English

Holi is an exciting festival of colors and cultural rituals. Holi, Dhulwad, Rangpanchami are some of the ways in which this festival is celebrated for three to five days. Also, this festival has different names like Shimga, Fag, Dolayatra, Kamadahan, Hutashani Mahotsav, Holika Dahan.

India has a long cultural tradition. India is a symbol of many cultures and festivals. Like other festivals in India, Holi is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Holi has different cultural significance and history in each state. It is a way of celebrating the festival with traditional rituals and a splash of colors.

This festival is celebrated from the full moon of the month of Falgun to Falgun Vadya Panchami, the fifth day of that month. On the day of Holi, wood, cow dung, and offerings are burned in a large pot or in a public place. All the communities come together and offer coconuts and some sweets.

Essay on Holi Festival in 500+ Words

There is a very sharp method of circling after the offering. The children are very happy on this day and sweet meals are prepared at home.

Dhulivandan is celebrated on the second day of Holi. In some places, the words Dhulvad is used. On this day, everyone comes together and blows “gulal” and celebrates this day as a symbol of unity and brotherhood. India has a complete agricultural history. It is customary to offer the harvest of the day to one’s favorite deity.

Many legendary myths and stories are told behind the Holi festival. It includes stories of the slaughter of demons like Holika, Dhundha, Putna. Cultural establishments are also held around the Holi festival. Fire is very important at this festival. The main thing is to burn the negative forces that are in the fire. For this, coconuts, offerings and wood are
burnt symbolically.

According to mythology, Devotee Pralhad is a big Vishnu devotee child. Hiranyakashapula does not accept his devotion. Just for this reason, he calls Holika to kill him. The Holika demon has the gift of not being able to put out fires. So the devotee takes it to Pralhad and enters the fire but nothing happens to the devotee Pralhad, Holika is burnt.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Holi Festival in 150 Words

Man has been expressing gratitude from time to time for what he has naturally received. Therefore, this festival cultivates diverse cultural and natural sentiments all over the country. Attempts to provide religious support are also seen in some places. The only thing that seems to be universal is Agni Pujan! The importance of this festival can be explained by offering the things of one’s life while performing Agni Pujan and showing the cultural basis to it.

Rangpanchami is played after Holi and Dhulwad. Everyone, young and old, embraces each other with different colors and celebrates. Holi brings the whole community together. Therefore, the celebration is a public event. As India is a diverse country, its practices change from province to province.

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