How I Spent my Summer Vacation Essay In English [500+ Words]

Students are expected to write freely when writing an essay on how I spent my summer vacation. Proper analysis of fiction and real events is required. You will get proper guidance on how to write this summer vacation essay after reading this essay.

My Summer Vacation Essay In English

Summer vacation is a treat for everyone. The student is exhausted from school and classes throughout the year. Summer vacation comes in handy to get bored and transmit new enthusiasm. Instead of just spending my summer vacation sleeping and blaming the sun, I decided that I could spend it learning new arts and games.

Thinking that we would play a lot this summer, learn to swim and have a lot of fun, we gave the final exam paper and jumped home. First created a schedule. Also planned what to do all summer. My younger brother and I were doing all this together. With the consent of both of them and with the approval of the father, we were allowed to visit many places throughout the day.

The week after the exams, we went to my uncle’s village. There my uncle taught me to swim. I used to swim for two hours every day. I started swimming very much. There was a daily routine of walking in the forest and hearing new things every day. When we went to uncle’s village, there was no one to bind us as my father was not with us. There we played and played a lot.

How I Spent my Summer Vacation Essay [500+ Words]

After ten days we returned to our home. The most important thing that happened this summer was that I learned to swim. I used to be very scared to swim but now I am good at swimming. There is a small well next to us where we used to take a bath every day.

Another thing I like the most is cricket! In cricket, my job was to learn new things every day. I used to watch cricket videos on my mobile. Was developing new cricketing techniques and skills. My father is also a big fan of cricket so there was no opposition from him.

Swimming in the morning, carom after dinner and cricket in the evening, the whole day goes by with a lot of fun. I ate a lot of mangoes this summer vacation. I was eating a lot in the afternoon. Lunch with yogurt and lettuce and lassi after lunch! That is, the joy of receiving heaven.

I also made a lot of new friends after visiting my uncle’s village and playing cricket. We don’t have a computer but my new friend Rohan, who lives next door, has taught me to use a computer. Swimming, cricket, carom, computer, my holiday was celebrated with great joy.

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