Nature Essay in English | Essay on Nature in 600+ Words

When writing a Nature Essay, it is important to show the relationship between nature and human beings and not to expand on fiction. The point should be syntactic and not exaggerate at any point. Let’s see how you can write an “essay on Nature“!

The concept of nature is very elaborate. Our connection with our own existence and the environment around us is so deep that we have to get in touch with nature since childhood. Only when nature becomes our favorite then we can take care of it! It is expected to write an essay on the subject of nature as a child to come to know this.

Nature Essay in English

What is not man-made we can call nature. The principles of water, air, fire, earth, and sky are found in nature. Their sources are different. Like rivers, the sea, the mountains, the land, the sun, the trees, all that we see and do not see around us, nature is made up of. Such a pervasive interpretation can be made of nature.

The earth revolves around itself and the sun in a circular direction. The day and night we feel is literally the earth revolving around the sun and around itself. Earth has a life-giving environment that includes many elements. Water and air are the main life-giving elements in it. Their availability is in accordance with the laws of nature. Humans, animals, plants, all living things on earth are connected to each other and alternatively to nature.

Everyone needs air and water. Also, to survive, food is necessary to keep life moving. In addition, fire and sky are the principles that govern life. The earth has many energies. Although it is very difficult to understand life and nature together, we understand the environment around us through which our life is moving.

Essay on Nature in 600+ Words

Let us now look at the relationship between human life and nature. There are different seasons in nature, according to which the climate around us changes. It rains, it feels cold, warmth, all these changes are necessary for survival. There is also a cycle of nature for the need for water and air purification through which the rain falls on the earth and there are layers of air in the atmosphere so that we can breathe the air we need.

The need for fire arose later and we started cooking and eating. We started producing food through agriculture and plants. Trees play a vital role in our lives. Plants release oxygen that we use to breathe. We also use raw grains grown in the fields as food. We get the life-giving water from rivers and seas.

Nature is sufficient to meet the needs of man. But ever since industry and science entered man’s life, the cycle of nature began to deteriorate. As the population grew, so did the invasion of nature. The flow of rivers was stopped, pollution increased, the air became polluted. Deforestation began. We started decorating a natural environment in our own way and a concrete world stood out. This resulted in problems with hygiene and health.

Short Essay / Paragraph on Nature in 150+ Words

The birth and death of man is also a part of the process of nature. By understanding the essence of this, man has to give up his desires and selfishness, otherwise, we will have to suffer the consequences in public. Technology and science should be used in a controlled manner. This policy of population control should be implemented to keep nature clean.

Rather than saying that nature gives everything, we should understand that we are a part of nature. All the resources and organisms available here are interconnected. We don’t want to play with nature just to develop a country or a society. Natural lifestyles should be adopted as an alternative. So that human development can be said to be sustainable and the birds, animals, rivers, trees, mountains, land all around us will also be harmonized in a coherent manner.

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