University of Rajasthan Previous Paper | Model Paper | Sample Paper PDF Download

Hello Friends, Today We have brought you University of Rajasthan Previous Paper, Model Paper, Sample Paper PDF Download If you are studying from Rajasthan University then you have to check these papers. Also, you can check what kind of questions they ask and how to tackle them. We giving here all faculties previous question papers of Rajasthan University. you can check bellow.

University of Rajasthan

According to the course of Rajasthan University, you can download all course model papers here. Here is a PDF file of the question paper of the last several years which you can easily download. All the Semester and Subject wise papers of the previous year RU. These previous year papers will help you in the 2020 examination. You can also download these papers in PDF file for your upcoming University of Rajasthan Examination. Below is the list of Previous Year Question Paper according to your degree.

University of Rajasthan Previous Year Paper Download

Punjab University releases its previous paper on its official website. PU previous year paper is based on the examination. Candidates can view the previous year’s questions paper from below and can also download this paper through the given link.

University of Rajasthan M.Sc. Previous Year Paper PDF Download

Introduction to Algorithm46.52 KBDownload
Database Management System51.49 KBDownload
Internet Web Paper – I60.08 KBDownload
Introduction to Algorithm46.65 KBDownload
Financial Accounting Management117.70 KBDownload
Numerical Methods61.26 KBDownload
Client-Server Architecture _ Int63.52 KBDownload
Introduction to Programming Language52.13 KBDownload
Database Management System79.08 KBDownload
Operating Systems _ UNIX34.73 KBDownload
Internet Web Paper – I60.08 KBDownload
Introduction to Programming Language64.64 KBDownload
Database Management System42.61 KBDownload
System Analysis _ Design32.86 KBDownload
Advance Database Architecture44.31 KBDownload
Computer Security33.68 KBDownload
XML _ Web Services44.58 KBDownload
Personality Development _ Aptitud179.32 KBDownload
Database Management System79.08 KBDownload
Communication Skills86.56 KBDownload
Object Oriented Programming46.70 KBDownload
Artificial Intellige46.99 KBDownload
Mathematics – I54.43 KBDownload
Visul Programming With VC++58.07 KBDownload
Database Management System38.28 KBDownload
Data Warehousing _ Data Mining37.25 KBDownload
Database Management System51.49 KBDownload
Advance Java Technology40.36 KBDownload
Mathematics – I54.22 KBDownload
Financial Accounting _ Management117.70 KBDownload
Project Management Practices _ Ev35.14 KBDownload
Advance Algorithms48.53 KBDownload
Networking – I49.63 KBDownload
Health _ Yoga29.04 KBDownload
Mathematics – II58.12 KBDownload
Communication Skills86.88 KBDownload
Hardware Configuration _ Solution39.59 KBDownload
Database Management System38.28 KBDownload
Artificial Intellig43.51 KBDownload
Advance Networking Old Course39.07 KBDownload
Introduction to Algorithm46.52 KBDownload
Internet _ Web Paper – I60.27 KBDownload
Object Oriented Analysis Design with UML32.92 KBDownload
Artificial Intellig43.51 KBDownload
Advance Database Architecture44.31 KBDownload
Mathematics – I54.43 KBDownload
Database Management System42.39 KBDownload
Computer Security48.18 KBDownload
Introduction to Web Designing47.75 KBDownload
Mathematics – II58.12 KBDownload

University of Rajasthan B.A. Previous Year Paper PDF Download

Sociology (Urban Sociology)36.76 KBDownload
Psychology (Theory)75.40 KBDownload
Gujarati Paper41.62 KBDownload
Hindi Paper – VII40.92 KBDownload
Research Methods In Psychology-I (CC)48.30 KBDownload
History Paper – X35.86 KBDownload
Economics (Main) Paper – VIII (Public Economics)30.37 KBDownload
History of Ancient India38.30 KBDownload
Economics78.52 KBDownload
Natyashitya- 120.09 KBDownload
Political Science (Main)40.08 KBDownload
Political Science Paper – II37.28 KBDownload
Sociology64.44 KBDownload
Sociology31.49 KBDownload
Psychology44.19 KBDownload
Home Science Paper39.77 KBDownload
Spoken English30.63 KBDownload
Indian Cultural Heritage24.84 KBDownload
Political Science39.48 KBDownload
Indian Writing in English – Poetry _ Drama51.84 KBDownload
Prakrit Paper57.50 KBDownload
History of Economic Thought Paper – X28.84 KBDownload
Hindi Paper – XI57.81 KBDownload
Psychology Paper – XI39.13 KBDownload
Sanskrit43.57 KBDownload
Philosophy BAPHI27.75 KBDownload
Economics Paper – III (Core Compulsory)37.77 KBDownload
History42.61 KBDownload
Sanskrit Paper42.12 KBDownload
Philosophy BAPHI30.36 KBDownload
Gujarati Paper (Core Elective)43.99 KBDownload
Gujarati Paper – XI43.16 KBDownload
Prakrit Paper (Elective Course – I)67.70 KBDownload
Geography (Geography of Asia)38.67 KBDownload
History Of Ancient India37.71 KBDownload
Political Science (Main)44.82 KBDownload
Political Science Paper49.45 KBDownload
CC English Paper – VIII29.82 KBDownload
Sanskrit Paper58.67 KBDownload
Gujarati43.89 KBDownload
FE – Sanskrit Compulsory55.06 KBDownload
Gujarati Paper – VI27.97 KBDownload
Manovigyan16.87 KBDownload
Sociology (Urban Sociology)37.47 KBDownload
History39.03 KBDownload
Abhinaya – II25.63 KBDownload
Sanskrit Paper – X (Special)86.85 KBDownload
Geography (Physical Climatology)39.16 KBDownload
Hindi Paper – IX52.78 KBDownload
Economics141.27 KBDownload

University of Rajasthan M.A. Previous Year Paper PDF Download

Hindi34.64 KBDownload
Hindi50.63 KBDownload
Hindi79.21 KBDownload
History44.78 KBDownload
Economics71.09 KBDownload
Economics268.25 KBDownload
English39.24 KBDownload
Psychology43.57 KBDownload
Psychology44.21 KBDownload
Sociology65.89 KBDownload
International Economics74.72 KBDownload
Bhartiya shitya Mimasha39.24 KBDownload
Prakrit137.02 KBDownload
Sociology36.88 KBDownload
Economics41.64 KBDownload
English70.46 KBDownload
Methods And Techniques In Social Research50.14 KBDownload
Sociology157.59 KBDownload
Gujarati65.77 KBDownload
Granthkarano Abhyansh Madiyaka39.35 KBDownload
Hindi43.94 KBDownload
English78.79 KBDownload
Psychology84.03 KBDownload
Psychology69.05 KBDownload
Sanskrit58.44 KBDownload
Sanskrit97.58 KBDownload
Sanskrit68.70 KBDownload
Economics90.13 KBDownload
Gujarati30.75 KBDownload
English36.58 KBDownload
Sanskrit65.13 KBDownload
Hindi100.44 KBDownload
Psychology72.24 KBDownload
English34.73 KBDownload
History39.09 KBDownload
Sociology39.07 KBDownload
History62.75 KBDownload
English33.55 KBDownload
Audiography62.75 KBDownload
Political Science56.25 KBDownload
Psychology93.91 KBDownload
Sociology60.31 KBDownload
English32.28 KBDownload
Hindi35.18 KBDownload
Psychology72.59 KBDownload
Sociology102.88 KBDownload
Gujarati80.99 KBDownload
Entire Psychology74.52 KBDownload
History42.77 KBDownload
Psychology68.77 KBDownload

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