My Hobby Essay In English | Essay on My Hobby in 600+ Words

Students should be involved in a hobby from an early age so that they can do something just for fun without losing any profit. For this, while in school, students are asked to write an essay on My Hobby. This essay is an imaginary extension of one’s own hobbies, work, and happiness. Therefore, it is not expected to consider important issues here.

The hobby varies from person to person. The hobby is to make a person know his own identity and qualities. It is the duty of a person to follow any hobby for life. Only then, we can live a wise life. There is a different kind of fun in such a life. The purpose of having a hobby is to get solitude and happiness from all occupations.

My Hobby Essay In English

The word “hobby” I had read in the textbook. It was then that I began to feel like doing something artistic. I loved to draw, I loved to read, I loved to play music, and I enjoyed playing together. All the hobbies I felt were art. I was not interested in any one art. So a little different but “playing games” is my favorite hobby.

Playing said that everyone will remember a particular game. But my hobby is to play any sport, be it an indoor game or an outdoor game, in full existence, by bending over. As I got older, I realized that I was proficient in a lot of sports, so I started collecting information about all the games, getting to know their rules, and getting personal information about the players.

Where I live, all the kids play different games in different seasons. So I’m not focused on any one game yet. During the summer holidays, we play a lot of cricket and indoor games. I love playing cricket in the evening and in the morning as well as playing ludo, carom, chess in the afternoon. Sometimes I don’t even feel like eating.

Essay on My Hobby in 600+ Words

Chase and carom have been taught to me by my dad. I still haven’t won while playing with him but will definitely lose him when I get a little older. I also like to play badminton sometimes. Our school has grounds for badminton, football, kho kho, and kabaddi. For our class, I play all the games as a captain. I have been honored this year as the “best player”.

Sport not only promotes good health but also cultivates many human qualities such as team spirit, perseverance, not giving up, playing the best sports. I always think of those qualities. I believe we should all play with existence until the end of the game. That’s why I think every game is playing great. Physical and mental well-being is slowly being built into me.

The more energy the body expends, the more energy the body needs. So after playing, a good meal is made and the enthusiasm is constant in the body. I never realize I’m lazy. My family’s teaching is not to be lazy. Even though I am constantly playing because of that teaching, the family never stops me from playing. My uncle and dad are also playing with me.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My Hobby in 150+ Words

Badminton or cricket are two sports that my teachers say I should focus on. I live this game every moment of the day. I understand that I lived a happy moment, then I won, and that I lived a sad moment then I lost. That is the test of my survival. So I can be happy all day long. Along with the hobby of playing, I take education with a playful attitude. I cultivate an attitude of playfulness and concentration while studying and follow good discipline while in class.

I want to make my career in sports. My hobby and life right now are sports. Whatever the game, I have decided to play it with complete joy. Whatever the hobby of a person, he should be able to live and enjoy it completely. I am always learning new things in sports and putting them into practice. So playing has become my life and it is my favorite hobby.

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