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While in school, every student has a favorite subject. He would have gained special proficiency in that subject. Then if he wants to study the subject, he does not have to put much effort. Students are asked to write essays on a topic of their choice. So let’s see how to write the essay “My favorite subject”!

My Favorite Subject – Science

Science is my favorite subject. We are taught a total of six subjects in school but science is my favorite subject. Language subjects as well as mathematics, history seem easy to me but science keeps inspiring me to learn. There is always something new to learn in science.

I am studying in class IX now and we started science from class five. At first, I didn’t understand anything in science but gradually I started to fall in love with it. The reasons behind the existence and function of every visible living and material thing are very mysterious and we must know it. From the moment I became aware of this, I began to study science with great intensity.

Now Patil Sir teaches us science. Earlier standards, Kadam madam wanted to teach science subjects. She taught us every interpretation, rule, and experiment in science. Each experiment was taught until it was fully understood. Our school has a magnificent science lab. In it, we have science experiments twice a week.

Essay on My Favorite Subject

When we have exams, both science and math are easy for me. Even in our home, I occasionally try some science experiments. My mother, however, sometimes suffers from it. Dad helps me totally. If I don’t understand a concept in science, they explain it perfectly. My dad works just as hard to understand science.

The whole development and use of intellect take place with rational thinking. There are so many phenomena and laws in nature that have not yet been discovered. The development and progress so far have been due to science. Mankind has got everything like mobiles, computers, technology, physical facilities, means of communication. Science is not limited to school, I also learn science on TV and mobile.

I want to work in the field of science or research in the future. Research is not just about believing, it is about proving it. There is a scientific reason behind everything we do, where we live, what we do, and what happens in nature. He discovered the reason that it is considered a discovery in science. The inventions made so far such as electrical appliances, computers, mobiles, vehicles have made our lives happier, we can guess from looking at the lives of people in the past.

Short Essay / Paragraph on My Favorite Subject

Science is becoming newer every day. Looking at the development that has taken place since the discovery of a single atom, we can dream of bright progress in the future. Science is a subject that everyone needs to experience in life and only then can human values, intellect, and existence develop otherwise religious chaos, hypocrisy, and superstition will spread everywhere.

Today man has come to the moon and Mars. Various researches have been done there. Today there are many satellites orbiting the earth that can be used to observe the natural conditions and climate of the earth. So far, I have studied science in a textbook. But from now on, I will also start reading science books in the library. Let’s see how far this love journey of science takes me!

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