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The Subject of the library is very important for essay writing. Every student is connected to the library in school and college life. My school library Essay, while writing this essay, wants to explain one’s own experiences and features in the library as well as the syntax. The essay should not be too fictional.

My school library Essay for students (500 words)

A person can change himself only when he does something voluntarily. People who have a hobby of reading and studying are self-motivated. So for them, a library is no less than a temple. Like a temple to worship God. Just like a school for education. Like a field for a game. There is also a library for reading and self-study.

My school name is Nutan Vidyalaya. The school has a laboratory, classroom, teacher rooms. But my favorite place is the school library! The books, magazines, texts in the school library are an invaluable resource for the school. In addition to school curricula, famous books from around the world are available in our library.

The school library is a spacious building. Located in a corner of the school, this building is a decoration for the school. The library is closed only at night. It is open for at least six hours apart from school hours. The library has free study for those who are smart students at other times.

The structure of the library is a square structure. The library has a total of three sections. All books and magazines are available in one section. The librarian also sits in the same section. He keeps a register of books and a register of students in all classes. The second section has separate benches for individual study and the third section is a large hall where all the students can sit for study or reading at the same time.

The library has all the books and guides for all the classes in the school curriculum. Famous books from various countries and their mother tongue translations are also available. Books and texts in all fields like ideological, spiritual, scientific, art are the assets of the school library.

There is a guard to protect the library. He is doing his job well. No student is allowed to wander around unnecessarily to keep quiet. The library has a large hall and the windows are also large. So the air keeps playing through the library. There is a garden around the library. So never feel the heat and everyone studies and reads in a pleasant atmosphere.

The library charges an annual library fee for each child in the school. Which covers other expenses of the library. Also, new magazines and newspapers are brought regularly. Teachers, students, all take advantage of newspapers and magazines. To get away from the hustle and bustle of school, the library is a must for everyone.

The school has completed 25 years and the library has completed 20 years. In these 20 years, many leaders, social workers, and elders have donated to the library. Which has led to the erection of a well-equipped library building. It has been 4 years since I came to this school in which the time I have spent in the library is the most precious time.

It is impossible to repay the knowledge I have gained from reading and studying. Even though I didn’t like reading, the quiet and serene atmosphere in the library made me love reading. So I must visit the library at least once every day.

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