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Environment essay is expected to be written to help students understand the subject of the environment in school life. The destruction of greedy nature and man-made problems is deteriorating the environment. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the importance of the environment and the efforts and measures taken to save the environment.

Environment Essay for Students (500 Words)

We have to be very sensitive to understand the concept of the environment. The environment is created by nature and forces around us, visible and invisible, Panchmahabhuta. The environment is the cause of life on earth. Air and solids combine to form an environment.

Nature and man are no different. A man lives on earth for a few years. His birth, life, and death take place according to the laws of nature. So we have to say that the existence of the earth and the environment is eternal. In this, since man is the perfect state of material life, it is possible for a man to live by thinking. Therefore, he is aware of the past and the future and also has a sense of gratitude towards all. But with the increase in the competition for survival, instead of living a quiet life, man is destroying the environment out of lust.

The laws of nature are known to all but natural resources are being overused due to the habit of running and competing. As the population grows, so do the needs. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with living a hectic life and harming nature.

If the right environment for living is available, man will never get restless and sick. Man is spoiling such an environment by himself and he is not even aware of it. In the next few years, if the environment and nature are not taken care of, man will destroy himself with his own hands.

Some issues like water pollution, air pollution, global warming are coming to the fore. Man has to face them every year. The ozone layer, which acts to block the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, is depleted by pollution. We also experience heavy rains, droughts, and acid rain.

Why did the above problems arise? The root causes will have to be found. Excessive deforestation, overuse of vehicles, industrialization, and population growth have eroded the balance of the environment. The government and private sector of each country have to work together to save the environment. What could be a permanent solution? They are expected to think and act in that direction.

Environment-friendly sustainable solutions are not something that is possible in a single generation. Science has led to physical development but its overuse has led to the neglect of the environment. Rivers, seas, water sources have developed a completely careless vision.

The damage done to the environment in the last fifty years will require action for at least a hundred years. Trees, rivers, need to be revived. Human intervention in the environment has to be reduced. We have to adopt a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly. Otherwise, man can go to deep distress at the same pace as he is developing outer materialistic life now.

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