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The elephant subject is expected to be well-written when writing an essay on the animal. Children and students are always fascinated by elephants. This large animal is very quiet by nature. Students love to write essays about such elephants. Let’s see how to write an essay on elephant!

Elephant Essay In English for students |

Elephants are mammals. Elephants are huge and curvy in appearance. The color of the elephant is black. It has a long trunk. The elephant is known for its thick legs and large supa-like ears. Elephants are found in abundance in the forest. The height of the elephant is about three and a half meters.

Male elephants have large tusks. The female elephant has no tusks. Elephant species found in Africa have both males and females. The back of an elephant in Africa is hollow. The Indian elephant’s back, however, is fugitive. Elephants weigh about five to six tons.

Elephants are easily seen in the region of India where there is a lot of forests. It is found in large numbers in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu in South India. In northern India, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, and Assam have the highest number of elephants.

In the past, kings, and maharajas used to keep elephants in their army. Kings used to ride on elephants and fight in them. The more prestigious the kingdom, the more respect was given to elephants. The offender was trampled underfoot as punishment. In the Mahabharata story, an elephant named Ashvatthama became very famous. Also, the Airavat elephant in heaven is considered auspicious.

Elephants are said to have a lot of intelligence. The elephant has always been useful to man. If a baby elephant is taught, it will learn to carry loads immediately. It has long been used to carry heavy objects. Elephants are also taken care of in circuses. Elephant ivory is removed after death. Its ivory is used to make various ornaments.

The elephant has a big head. His head is called Gandasthala. Large trees are uprooted by elephant trunks or knocked down by elephants. An unconscious elephant is called a mad elephant. As the elephant is a mammal, it lives mainly in herds. Elephants are never seen roaming alone in the forest.

Elephants love to swim in the water. He sprays water on his own back and on other elephants with his trunk. The shape of the elephant, its small eyes, its supa-like ears are all very appealing to me. In India, many children’s stories and fables are associated with elephants. So the elephant is my favorite animal even though it is not in the company of many people.

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