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My Ambition Essay has to be written by students while they are in school life to understand the concept of goal or Ambition. Students realize that we can achieve any goal if we achieve the set goal. So this essay is not just a syntactic phrase but a life touching one.

Every human being is naturally overwhelmed by the urge to acquire knowledge. Therefore, a man should have different goals in life and at the same time achieve that goal. Students are asked to set goals in this regard to achieve them.

My Ambition Essay For Students ( 500 Words )

Goal setting does not mean competing with each other. Acquiring empirical knowledge is the goal of human life. Achieving that goal requires making full use of logic and intellect. So my goal is to “become a scientist” that is consistent with science and will be beneficial to humans in the future.

When setting a goal, you need to be clear about what you are trying to do. If one’s purpose is so narrow, then narrow-minded attitudes and thoughts are formed. Action is then taken accordingly. The discovery of science and the happiness of human life are interdependent, so scientists are trying to solve and discover a problem by looking at the future of mankind.

Scientists are not just about research, laboratories, and experiments, but about the inherent awareness and the work that goes into it. It requires observation and testing. Any great scientist has to pass the test of patience and diligence.

In the last two centuries, there have been many scientists who have changed the whole life of man. Newton, Einstein, Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and many more. It is because of their tireless efforts and research attitude that we are seeing progress in technology and science today.

My aim at the moment is to increase the observation by thinking in one direction. I think only scientists can find solutions to global problems. Today we see technological and scientific changes, medical discoveries have also been made. It is going to increase day by day.

Looking at the future of the human race, along with material development, human consciousness is also developing now. In my research, I will put the initial direction of the use of energy, consciousness, which is invisible to the naked eye and beyond the object, for human welfare. But that goal depends on how I get the opportunity when I grow up.

Scientists believe that anything should be experienced without following the rules easily. I want to develop a similar research attitude. For this, I am studying science and mathematics with great interest. I keep doing scientific experiments in the lab and at home.

I watch videos of various scientists. I also watch their interviews. From that, my goal is still being determined. There is a growing understanding that understanding something is knowledge. I want to be a scientist to explore a new direction and a new life, and that is my ambition.

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