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Noise pollution is a very widespread and serious issue. When writing an essay on the topic of noise pollution, students need to formulate point-by-point syntax as well as analyze its causes, consequences, and realities. Let’s see how to write this essay on noise pollution!

Noise Pollution Essay for students |

In order to understand the concept of noise pollution, we must first understand what pollution is. Pollution is the pollution created in any element, object, and situation! Sound or noise has increased tremendously today. Sound is set to explode in the coming years, given the growth of science, technology, and entertainment resources.

Sound is energy. Of that energy Pollution is defined as the increase in its levels and the consequent damage to human capacity and health (mainly hearing). The human ear and its
ability to hear are at a certain level. Any sound that reaches that level then begins to affect the ear.

The sounds of the actions that take place around you are perceived by you in the form of sounds. Your ears can hear that sound. Human health and abilities are largely dependent on sound. If the noise around you increases, it has adverse effects on health.

Noise pollution is a problem caused by technological advances. Today we are using mobiles, TVs, various speakers. These are all means of entertainment. Electrical energy is being used 24 hours a day and as a result, the intensity and consistency of noise are also high.

In recent times, public celebrations, processions of gods or leaders have not been celebrated in peace and contentment. There are industries like blowing up firecrackers, making songs loud on the speakers. It affects older people, children, and mute animals.

From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, listening to constant noise, the mind and body cannot remain calm and becomes accustomed to constant noise. If you ever find peace, you will feel restless. On top of that restlessness then again you think entertainment is the only option. Such entertainment then becomes a habit. This habit can lead to obesity, indigestion, headaches, eye disorders, insomnia, and hearing loss.

Addiction to entertainment can lead to loud noises. The same sound keeps ringing in my head. Then, in old age, hearing loss, brain damage, and memory loss also occur. Lately, the younger generation is also suffering from these diseases.

Due to technological and scientific advances, we have made physical progress but have not been able to achieve health and satisfaction. In addition to other pollutants, noise pollution is affecting human health and social and natural stability. So, from today onwards, let us be aware and think about how to reduce noise pollution and how to eliminate or reduce the noise in life.

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