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The statement or Proverb “Time and Tide wait for none” is quite correct. The importance of time is realized only when the time has passed. This means that students are encouraged to write Time and Tide wait for none Essay in English to learn more about time in their school life. Let’s see how to write this essay!

Time and Tide Wait For None – Essay for Students| Essay On Time |

Time is of the essence. It takes a very sensitive mind to experience this moment in time. The experience of time moving slowly can come from sitting in solitude doing nothing. Also, the waves of the sea and the river cannot be stable in one place. Therefore, since the nature of time and wave is the same, the saying, time, and wave or tide do not stop for anyone became prevalent.

Time can be different on a physical and mental level. You know the clock. We can calculate the chronology accordingly. This time is necessary for physical and mental functioning in human existence. The body and the earth are physical. So the twenty-four-hour clock we know is useful for calculating physical existence.

On a mental level, time can be different for everyone. We can think. Those thoughts explain our past and experience. Then the events, the events are built-in time. Everything we say and think cannot be tied to time.

The mind is a device. Its functioning is essential to running this life. But whether there is time or not, it depends on how fickle or stable the mind is. If the mind is very stable then time does not feel and if the mind, lusts are strong then time keeps feeling. We express what we experience in language. Time does not work here. But our thoughts, past, and future are related to time.

If we know the context between our mind and the existence around us, we will understand that there is time but it is temporary. Physical activity and physical existence are linked to time. But the past and the future exist only if the mind is fickle in the body, so the concept of time is a useful object through which the intellect can decide from experience what to do next.

Physical existence is terminated at some point. It takes time to understand life. But mental time is different. Just by thinking, you can paint imaginary dreams beyond time in which the present time is of no use. So body and mind are built in time but existence is timeless.

We try to do everything on time while we are alive. I mean, it tries to capture time, but it also means time. The calmer the mind, the stronger the realization that there is no time. That is, the mind is formed by the changes that take place in the body as the body develops.

Time does not stop for someone, it does not mean that the clock does not stop, but when the physical changes are experienced, the realization that the body is going to die one day becomes stronger and the body is not permanent, that is, time is not fixed. Just as the wave is constantly flowing, so time is flowing, that is, the human mind is flowing.

Feel that the work you are doing, the life you are living, is a possibility to live a happy life, to create happiness, to be free, without thinking that it is just to fill your stomach. If you deny that possibility and live your life listening to the mind, then frustration, melancholy, and sadness will arise in your life and you will have to live a difficult life as time goes on.

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