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Here in this article, We have written the fully informed My Favorite Game Badminton Essay In English. Students have to write essays on their favorite sport. Any favorite game needs to be fully informed. Students need to know all the terms and conditions of the sport they play or the sport they like otherwise they will not be able to write a proper essay on My favorite sport. Come on in, take a look at the essay!

My Favorite Game – Badminton | Essay On Badminton |

Apart from cricket, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Wrestling, Badminton, and Hockey are also popular sports in India. In it, I love the game of badminton very much. The excitement and concentration of playing badminton is something different. Playing badminton tests the intellect, the mind, and the body. Therefore, constructive energy is transmitted in the personality.

Badminton is played internationally and nationally. The game is played in the Olympics as well as other championships. Badminton requires a racket and a shuttlecock to play. Two or four contestants can play this game by tying a net in the middle of the field. Everyone has to abide by the rules and regulations of the sport while playing in various competitions and the Olympics.

The Badminton World Federation is an international organization that controls the game of badminton. All rules are decided within this organization. A badminton ground is called a badminton court. Matches are played in singles, doubles, and mix. There are 2 contestants in singles, 4 contestants in doubles, and both male and female contestants in mixed.

The length of the badminton ground is 44 feet. It has a width of 17 feet for singles and 20 feet for doubles. A net is built in the middle of the field. The shuttlecock is meant to hit the net. The racket used for badminton is very light and oval in shape.

When I was a kid, I used to read the badminton news in the newspapers. Srikanth, P. Kashyap, Saina Nehwal, P. V. Sindhu Players like these have always been in the limelight and still are. Inspired by them, I started playing badminton. P. V. Sindhu is my favorite player.

Our school has badminton competitions in which I always participate. When playing badminton, the racket wants to hit the opponent’s side against the shuttlecock. If you hit a shuttlecock back to your opponent, you get 1 point. There are umpires to test points.

Badminton is a game with a total of 21 points. When 21 points are scored, it is called a set. A total of three such sets are played in one match. Winning a match requires a difference of 2 points in a set. So if the match is 20-20 then the match is played with 22 points.

Playing badminton requires a lot of muscle exercise. Speed ​​and determination are very important in this sport. Right now though I practice for an hour every day. But I have to increase this practice day by day. Playing badminton requires keeping balance without putting extra stress on the body. I enjoy playing badminton and that is why it is my favorite sport.

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