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Any work must be done on time. If important tasks and responsibilities are avoided by wasting time, then a lot of time is wasted to get the same tasks done. Such a reference is to the saying, “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.” Students have to take special care while writing essays on this topic. The essay has to be structured and the essay has to be written properly without exaggeration.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine Essay | Essay On Proverb |

Time is a man-made thing. Making good use of time leads everyone to success. Living life requires work and financial planning. For this, proper plans and resolutions have to be followed according to the time, but sometimes our karma is delayed due to our accumulated karma or laziness.

Avoiding karma at a later stage of life also leads to further consequences and requires more effort and hard work. If the right and necessary deeds are done on time, further useless deeds can be avoided. Therefore The saying goes, “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.”

Our energy works at the intellectual, physical, and mental levels. Your time should be divided accordingly. Your day should be useful in the way you work. People who work hard physically, mentally, and intellectually need energy. Similarly, if that energy is wasted, Again the same labor has to spend time and energy.

Let’s look at earning money as an example. Money can help you and your family. Now if he doesn’t earn that money at the right age or time, then he will have to do many other things to earn that money. It will be a waste of energy and time! So sincere efforts to earn money can bring mental stability in later life or later in life.

It is always desirable to do something and have a clear purpose behind it. If the purpose is not clear then we start doing time-consuming tasks and timepass. Then the timepass grows and life begins to feel arduous. On the other hand, if you move forward with a clear idea of ​​the purpose at each stage of your life, you will not be overwhelmed by misery.

Even if we think from today, if we want a better future for ourselves, for our family, for our society, we have to change ourselves. All we can do is do karma in the allotted time and achieve the objective. From that, we are creating the next bright future.

Life is a combination of time and energy. Throughout the day or throughout life, you have a certain amount of time and energy. Our lives depend on how we use them. The main difference between a happy and miserable life is how much energy we use for what we do.

Avoiding things that give you momentary pleasure in life can automatically prevent your energy from flowing in the right direction and prevent future troubles and misdeeds. It requires determination. Making life is in your hands and making it worse! A proper deed done on time saves from doing so many useless deeds in the future.

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