Independence Day Anchoring Script for Students in English

Hello Students, Today we are coming with an Independence day anchoring script for all students. you can use this script as per your requirement. so let’s start.

Anchoring Script For Independence day

Anchor 1:

A very fine and pleasant morning to all of you. Today we are gathered over here to celebrate our 72nd Independence Day.

Anchor 2:

Honorable Chief Guest Sir, Speaker Sir, Secretary Sir and all present officers and Principal Sir. Today, on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day, I extend my warm greetings to you all. On this day our India became independent and our dream of living in an independent country came true.

 Anchor 1:

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तां हमारा,
हम बुलबुलें हैं इसकी ये गुलिस्तां हमारा ।

I wish you all a very happy Independence Day. It is a great and proud day for all of us. On this day we got freedom from the slavery of British rule.

(Welcome to Chief Guests)

Anchor 2:

Now is the time to welcome our guest on behalf of our school. We will present a bunch of flowers to welcome the honorable chief guest.

Now, we will have our auspicious flag waving ceremony of a tribute to our mother land. May all living beings live in harmony with nature and other forms of life.

Now, I would like to call the honorable Chief Guests and Principal Sir for Flag Hosting.

(Flag Hosting)


  • भारत माता की जय – 2
  • महात्मा गांधी की जय – 2
  • चाचा नेहरू की जय – 2
  • अमर शहीदों की जय – 2
  •  स्वतंत्रता दिवस – 2

 Anchor 1:

We salute and thank you our freedom fighters who gave their lives and made great sacrifices. This is the reason we are here together to celebrate this day today. Let us dedicate this Independence day to the sons of the nation and start our cultural programs.

(Cultural Program)

Anchor 2:

Now, I would like to call students of class 1 to 3rd for a group song.

(Group Song Performance-1)

Anchor 1:

Thank you students for your wonderful song. Let’s move forward to our second performance and that is P.T. by junior boys.

(Group Song Performance-2)

Anchor 2:

Thanks all of you for your marvelous performance. In this episode of the program, we now invite the children of class I and II to perform a beautiful dance performance.

(Dance Performance)

With this “Independence day anchoring script” you can find here another Anchoring Scripts:

Anchor 1:

Thank you kids for this beautiful and enchanting performance. We are celebrating our 74th Independence Day full of enthusiasm and patriotism. To enhance this feeling of enthusiasm and patriotism, we are going to invite students of class 3rd to 7th for a group song.

(Group Song Performance-3)

Anchor 2:

Thanks, students for your melodious song. Today our heart is full of patriotism and to express our feelings in few words Shruti Sharma is coming from class 9th.

(Student Speech-1)

Anchor 1:

Thanks, Shruti for your golden words. Now coming on stage is Amar Jaiswal of class 7 with a patriotic song in his melodious and catchy voice.

(Single Song Performance)

Anchor 2:

Thank you Amar for your heart whelming song. We owe a great thank you to our freedom fighters who gave their lives and made great sacrifices.

Now, I would like to invite girls of class 7th and 8th for a group dance.

(Group Dance Performance- 4)

Anchor 1:

Thanks guys,

Now, To give honor to our freedom fighters Snehal is Coming with few words.

(Student Speech-2)

Anchor 2:

Thanks Snehal for your valuable words.

Yes, We dance for laughter,

We dance for tears,

We dance for madness,

And, We dance for fear,

But today We dance for our glorious nation.

Now Girls of Class 3rd to 5th are coming for a patriotic dance performance.

(Group Dance Performance-5 )

Anchor 1:

Thank you Girls for your mesmerizing performance.

खुब बेहती हैं अमन की गंगा बहने दो,

मत फेलाओ देश में दंगा रेहने दो,

लाल हरे रंगो में न बांटो हमको,

मेरे छत पे तिरंगा रहने दो।

इस भाव से भरे गीत को लेकर आ रहे हैं अमन एंव सजल जिनके गाने के बोल है – (कर हर मैदान फतैह)

Thank you both for this touching song.

Anchor 2:

Everyone is eager to sink into the depth of patriotic music, song, and dance that brings all in our moment that always getting emotional.

The moment we were eagerly waiting for has arrived. Now I would like to call on stage our chief guest for a few words on independence and our challenges.

(Chief Guest Speech)

Anchor 1:

Thank you sir for your valuable words. It really path finder for us and it will give us inspiration in future journey. thank you again…

Now I would like to call for vote of thanks.

(Vote of Thanks)

Now we would like to call Mr. Sharad Yadav sir for a vote of thanks. And then end the program with Vande Mataram.

(National Song- Vande Mataram)

Hope you like this Independence day anchoring script. If any queries about this then let us know through comments. we will definitely back to you. also share this with your school friend who actually want this. thank you.

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