Anchoring Script for Sports Day in School / College

Hello Students, Today we are coming with an Anchoring Script for Sports Day in school/college for all students. you can use this script as per your requirement. so let’s start.

Anchoring Script for Sports Day

Welcome Speech:

Anchor 1:

Good Morning and a warm welcome to all the dear parents gathered here. I would like to welcome you to Global Indian International’s Annual Sports day.

A school sports day is a red-letter day on the calendar. It is a day when students are freed from their classrooms to jump and run around, freed from the fetters of learning. It is a day for mothers and fathers to cheer on their sons and daughters.

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It’s a day for red faces and perspiration where t-shirts and track pants are the order of the day. School sports day is a day for lots of action and smiling faces. It’s a day for victories and defeats, for successes and failures.

Beyond the obvious health and activity benefits, sports can teach us much about life. It teaches us about teamwork and team spirit. It teaches us to work together to achieve a common goal. It’s also about trust and responsibility and about dealing with success and failures.

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Moreover, Sports Day is a day for celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship. So let’s begin the Annual Sports Day with lots of enthusiasm, passion, and vigor.

Flag Hoisting:

Anchor 2:

I would request our respected Principal, Dr. Amrita Vohra, to please come for the flag hoisting.

Lighting of the Torch:

Anchor 1:

Light symbolizes power, strength, and hope. So, I would like to invite our Principal to please light the torch and commence the events of the day.

Oath Ceremony:

Anchor 2:

I now request our Principal ma’am to please initiate the oath-taking ceremony.

Balloon Releases:

Anchor 1:

Now our Principal ma’am will be releasing a bunch of balloons to declare the Annual Sports Day open.


Anchor 2:

We will now begin with the first set of races.

I will briefly state the rules-

  • Every participant will have one dedicated track.
  • Each participant should be within their tracks while and during the race.
  • If during the race the participants move to other competitor’s track, it will lead to disqualification.

Anchor 1:

  1. The first race in today’s line of event is 30 meter Dash- For Grade 2- Boys-

Read out the names in each track

This race requires agility, swiftness and physical strength. The boys will have to reach the Finish line at their earliest to win the race.

Anchor 2:

So, ladies and gentlemen please encourage our little sports stars with a big round of applause.

May the best man win!

Anchor 1:

  • The second race for the day is Ball Handling Race- Grade 3-Girls

In this game, the girls will have to balance a ball between and reach the Finish Line. The race demands not only balancing skills but also extreme coordination. 

The participants should maintain their tracks. If the participants drop the ball anytime during the race it will lead to disqualification.

Anchor 2:

  • The next race coming up is -Pick & Run Race-For grade 1- girls

Read out the names in each track

The tracks are divided into stations where certain equipment is kept.

The participants have to go to each station and pick the equipment placed and complete the race.

This race gives the participants a chance to display their dexterity and coordination skills.

Parents, please cheer up the little ones as they face the challenges of the race.

Anchor 1:

  • Now we shall begin with The Obstacle Race-For Grade 4-Boys

Obstacle Course Racing(OCR) is a sport of physical fitness in which the competitors, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges that are in the form of obstacles.

While crossing the obstacles the participants have to make sure that they do not touch the obstacle as it will lead to disqualification.

This race is for the rough and tough and only the fittest will survive till the end.

So ladies and gentlemen cheer up our for our rough and tough boys.

Anchor 2:

  • The last race for this set of races is- Ball Dragging Race-Grade 3- Boys

Read out the names in each track

Synchronization, suppleness and a state of Zen is the key to win this race. The participants will have to finish the race with the ball dragging behind them.

The participants will not only have to keep their minds focused but they will have to have complete control over the ball ensuring that it remains behind them at all points.

Participants have to maintain their tracks and not disturb the other tracks.

If the ball rolls over to the other tracks at any point, it will lead to disqualification.

Prize Distribution:

Anchor 1:

We will now begin with the prize distribution of the first five races. May I please call upon the Principal ma’am to hand over the prizes.

Gymnastic Presentation:

Anchor 2:

Dear Parents, we now bring to you a Gymnastic Presentation by the students of grades 5th, 6th, and 7th.

Gymnastics is a sport that demonstrates strength, flexibility, physical fitness on one hand and grace, elegance, and rhythm on the other.

So ladies and gentlemen get ready to witness a breath-taking gymnastic performance by the budding gymnasts of GIIS.

Six Races:

Anchor 1:

We will now continue with our second set consisting of 6 races

  • We will begin with the Clock Making Race- for Grade 1- Boys

This is a team game and the four houses Agni, Prithvi, Vayu and Jal will be competing against each other face-to-face.

In Lane 1 is Agni House

Read out the names in each track

Lane 3 is Prithvi House

Read out the names in each track

Lane 5 is Vayu

Read out the names in each track


Lane 7 is Jal

Read out the names in each track

  • On the Finish Line is one of the team members with a clock.
  • The other team members will have to run and put the numbers in the clock in sequence.
  • The team members will have to run one at a time and go and fix up the numbers in the clock.
  • Once a member of the team has fixed the number he will have to come back to the start line and then the next team member in line will run to make the clock.
  • The team that finishes making the clock the first will win the race.

The audience please note, that the team has to put the numbers in sequence or else it will lead to disqualification.

With this “Anchoring script for sports day” you can find here another Anchoring scripts:

Anchor 2:

  • The next race coming up is – The Ballon Reelay Race-For Grade 3-Girls

Read out the names in each track

A relay is a race between two or more teams, in which each team member participates in only a set part of the race and is then relieved by another member of the team.

In this race, the participants will start and run with a balloon to the Finish Line.

After reaching the Finish Line they will have to burst the balloon without using their hands or legs.

Having burst the balloon, the participants will have to run back to the start line to relieve their team members who will then target toward the Finish Line.

This race promises a lot of action, fun, teamwork, and coordination.

So, Let us hoot out loud for our action stars!

Anchor 1:

  • We will now be beginning with –The Sack Race-for Grade 4- Boys

Read out the names in each track

This is not just a fun race. This race demonstrates that how one should move on and not give up even if you are tied down by the sack of complexities.

So, the participants will have to sail through the tracks and reach the Finish Line.

Hopping with suppleness and focus on the Finish Line are the only qualities that will help the participants win the medal.

So, Here’s presenting to you the hop-stars of our school.

Anchor 2:

  • Next race is –The 3 legged race-For Grade 4- Girls

Read out the names in each track

It’s a pair race. The partners will be tied together at their feet. The pairs will have to travel through the tracks in tandem with each other and reach the Finish Line.

This race is all about synchronization and mutual co-ordination between the partners.

Anchor 1:

  1. Coming up next are the sports stars of grade 2 for – The Lemon and Spoon Race-Fpr Grade 2-Girls

Read out the names in each track

This game requires one to not only exhibit balancing skills but also display their extreme concentration skill to emerge out victorious.

But our tiny tots here are well- trained in that.

So, please give a big round of applause for these little master blasters as they finish their race.

Anchor 2:

  1. Our Last but surely not the least final race coming up is- The Balloon Relay Race-For grade 3-Boys-

Read out the names in each track

Prize Distribution

Anchor 1:

We shall now have the Prize Distribution of the last 6 races.

May I please call upon the Principal ma’am to hand over the prizes.

Principal’s address

Anchor 2:

I would request our Principal to please grace the occasion by addressing the gathering here today.

Vote of Thanks:

Anchor 1:

On behalf of the students, staff, and team of the GIIS fraternity, I would like to thank our dear parents for having taken out their time to be with us on our Annual Sports Day.

I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our Principal, Dr. Amrita Vohra, who has always been a constant source of inspiration and guidance and a silent pillar of strength behind all our grand events.

I would like to bring your attention to the magnificent efforts put in by our Sports Team consisting of Mr. SachingPingale, Mr. JayeshWandre, Mr. Manish Salvi, Miss. NehaGaikwad, Ms. Sonal Bundle and Mr. Bishal Paul.

Anchor 2:

Let me tell you, that they have toiled countless hours in the heat and sweated it out to bring forth the sportsman in your child. So, I would like to extend a thank you to our zesty and fiery sports team.

I would also like to mention that the efforts put in, by our dedicated staff, in the execution of the events of the day are praiseworthy.

I extend my sincere gratitude to our Admin Department who contributed to the smooth functioning of today’s event.

Last but not the least, we thank the budding sports stars of GIIS who participated today and displayed tremendous sportsmanship, and accepted their success with pride and failures with grace.

Closing Ceremony

Anchor 1:

After an action-packed day, we have almost come towards the last leg of the day.

Now we will begin with the closing ceremony of our Annual Sports Day.

Parent’s Race

Anchor 2:

When the children have been so enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day, then how can we not give their parents a chance to have as much fun as their children had?

So, I request the parents to please come forward and take part in the fun races that we have organized specially and exclusively for you.

National Song

Anchor 1:

May I please request everyone to rise up for the National Song. Parents, I request you to please fill out the feedback forms that will be circulated shortly.

Hope you like this Anchoring Script for Sports Day. If any queries about this then let us know through comments. we will definitely back to you. also share this with your school friend who actually wants this. thank you.

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