Anchoring Script for Kindergarten Annual Day

Hello Students, Today we are coming with an Anchoring Script for Kindergarten Annual day in for all students and teachers. You can use this script as per your requirement. So let’s start.

Anchoring Script for Kindergarten Annual day

Anchor A –  A very good morning to all present here. On behalf of the management, Staff, and Students of AC SCHOOL we(names)take great pleasure in hosting today’s program.

Arrival Of The Dignitaries

Anchor B– Ladies and Gentlemen, may I request you to kindly rise and put your hands together to welcome our esteemed chief guest____________________ and the dignitaries along with our beloved Principal.  (Applause)


Thank you, ladies and Gentlemen, you may kindly be seated.

Anchor A– It’s wonderful to see you all eagerly waiting to have a glimpse of your tiny tots gleefully perform today.

Anchor B – We are delighted to have you here to participate and share in the (name of the event) hosted by the Kindergarten of AC School.  Thank you for coming.

Anchor A–  A pleasant morning to all of you present here.  My name is ______

Anchor B – And my name is ___________

Together – And we will be your host till the end of the program.

Anchor A– This morning belongs to you and your children, the children who have put their heart and soul for the last one month made this event look possible.  So I want a big round of applause for your own children.

Audience -(APPLAUSE)

Anchor A – Thank you

Anchor B – You can expect an extravagant and complete entertaining day ahead.  The children’s performance shall definitely leave you mesmerized.  You need to know that every child has worked so hard to present before you a spectacular show.  So, please keep the thunder of claps big for each and every act.


Anchor A – The beauty of a sunset, the Majesty of the ocean, the wonder of a newborn baby – God’s creation is all around us. And everything we can see and everything we can’t see – it all came from God.

Anchor B – Place god before everything you do.  The best will follow you.  To invoke God’s blessings we have our junior choir lead by Miss Macreena.

(Invocation Song)

Anchor B – Thank you melodious choir for bringing the presence of the Almighty amongst us.

Welcome Address:

Anchor A– “Attiti Devo Bhava” Now it’s time we welcome our esteemed guests.  May I now request ____________________ to welcome the gathering.

Anchor A– Thank you ____________. That was rapturous isn’t it ________(name of the Anchor B)

Anchor B – I Agree _________ (name of Anchor A)

Lighting The Lamp:

Anchor A – Light is the symbol of brightness and prosperity as sunlight expels the darkness of night; similarly blessings bring in our life prosperity and happiness.

Anchor B – Lighting a lamp amounts to awakening the Atma Jyoti  (glow of the soul) within oneself.    To make this morning glow and to seek blessings for the same I invite our beloved Principal, Fr Benny Matthew, to accompany our highly regarded chief guest ____________________, to kindle the lamp. May I also request our Vice Principal, Mrs.  Sunita Tressy Crasta, Our Head Mistress Mrs. Rose Hilary D’Souza, our Kindergarten coordinator, Mrs. Anupama, and ________________to join in to spread the light to the occasion.

School Report:

Anchor A – Thank you, dignitaries. Next, I would like to call upon our respected Principal, the sculptor of human character, a seasoned scholar and navigator of this flagship of knowledge to present the school annual report.

(School Report by Principal)

Anchor A – Thank you Father


Anchor B– Now is the time to make the atmosphere charming and beautiful with a divine rhythm by the ACIAN choir

Anchor A – How enchanting! A Rhyme of taps!! An assortment of charming melody and marvelous harmony!

Anchor B – Thank you choir that was truly melodious.


Anchor B –He/ She is a very amazing personality.  A person who has gone a long way and has learned a lot and today when he/ she is here, he/ she will even tell you about his/ her experience and knowledge.  May I now call upon our chief guest for the day (________) to address the gathering.

Anchor B – Thank you so much, that was indeed motivating and extremely informative.

Anchor A – Don’t you think you are privileged to anchor such an auspicious event?

Anchor B– Yes of course.

Anchor A– I think you should be even more privileged because you are standing right beside me.

Anchor B – Oh really? What makes you say that?

Anchor A – Well, being a member of the AC School, I know it all.

Anchor B – Ok.  Let’s get back to business.


Anchor A– _______________  I can hear the reminder that you set in your mobile.

Anchor B– Let me Check, Oh yeah; it’s time that we begin the cultural extravaganza by the tiny ACIANS.

Anchor A– Oh the ___________ (Title)right.  Now, I request our kindergarten coordinator Mrs. Anupama to share the light about the theme of today’s programme.

Anchor B –   Dance is one of the most divine form of art. It is much more than just moving your hands and legs. Dance is actually a way to express an individual’s feelings. We now present to you the Inaugural Dance.

Anchor B -Oh my God!  Didn’t they just break the stumps on stage?

Anchor A – That performance was so energetic. A big round of applause for the performers. 


 Nature works a beautiful rhythm.  All living creatures breathe in and out continuously through life.  The sun rises and sets.  The night is followed by another day. Seasons come and go, so do the years. The flowers bloom and wither; the earth spins its axis around the sun.   The whole universe follows this pattern.


Anchor B– Have you ever taken a walk with a preschooler?  They love to pick up, look at, explore and question about leaves, nuts, insects – just about anything they find. 

Anchor A – Yes, they are always connected to the nature around them. Just like every flower is a soul blossoming in nature, so are they.

Anchor B – And, here we have the little flowers of LKG A presenting a dance.


Anchor A – This performance was the spot-on dedication to our green nature.

Anchor B – Let’s pledge to enjoy the beauty of nature by planting trees in our surrounding area and make everyone aware of conserving the environment.


Anchor A – Do you know how many species are found on earth?

Anchor B – Hmmmm, let me guess… around 100 thousand..

Anchor A – No… It’s 8.7 million species with 6.5 million on land and 2.2 million in oceans. (Pause) What happened? Why do you look so sad?

Anchor A –Have you ever wondered why species have become endangered?

Anchor B – The climate change, destruction of their habitat, illegal hunting, etc. What God has created humans are destroying.  Why don’t these humans realize that they are a part of our world?

Anchor A – I like to watch animals and birds. Sometimes when I watch Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel on Television I see there are a large variety of animals, insects, and birds that we do not get to see usually.  They are so beautiful and colorful.  Each creation is unique. God is truly a genius to create such a beautiful creation.

Anchor B –  (Trying to listen) Do you hear that?

Anchor A – Hear What?

Anchor B – That Sound….Come let’s go and check out ourselves.

Anchor A – Until we return sit back and watch Our LKG B performers with their thumping performance.


Anchor B – Wow! Incredible. The young Firework of rapid moving steps. Awesome! Wasn’t that? 

Anchor A– Lets create awareness to protect the future of nature.

Anchor B– Together, we can protect life on our planet – including our own.

Anchor A & 2  – Because together, anything is possible.


Anchor A – Wasn’t that an extraordinarily splendid performance.

Anchor B– Yes it was indeed.

Anchor A– Did you know that the earth is the only gifted planet that has life?

 Anchor B – Yes, but it’s not safe for us to live on this planet.  We should try finding another planet or we should live in space.

Anchor A – That’s true…researchers are experimenting life on mars, but the chances are bleak. Do you know what happens to the old satellites in space?

Anchor B – I have never given it a thought.

Anchor A – Space debris, Space junk, Space waste, Space trash, or Space litter whatever it is called is the collection of non functional man-made objects floating in space.

Anchor B – Oh! God save us. God has created this universe with its galaxies.  How beautiful it is to watch the sky on a starry night.

Anchor A – That reminds me that our little stars of LKG C are all set to launch you to our dream space.  So, fasten your seat belts as the countdown begins.

Anchor B – 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1


Anchor B – Wasn’t that a sophisticated and synchronized performance


Anchor A – It’s so hot, I’m thirsty.

Anchor B – Ok wait a bit, let me get you a bottle of water.

Anchor A– Is this safe for drinking?

Anchor B – Why would I give you unclean water?

Anchor A– Thank you, that was so refreshing.  I’m very careful while drinking water. Drinking dirty water causes waterborne diseases. Water-related diseases cause 3.4 million deaths each year.

Anchor B – Oh…  That reminds me of the frothing lakes in our own Bengaluru.  Sewage and industrial discharge is believed to have created a concoction of chemicals that often creates froth.

Anchor A– Yes. The present Global warming occurring has left me with only memories of the beautiful past.

Anchor B – Yeah!  You are right.  The fairy tale stories of underwater, the cute little creatures of the ocean, nostalgic – isn’t it?

Anchor A – Yes, but these underwater creatures too are in danger.  People litter with cans and plastics on the shore and in water.

Anchor A – Yes, it’s time we appeal to the people – throwing plastics and toxic material wastes in water resources destroys the beautiful creatures God creates.

Anchor B –The underwater creation of God is indeed a work of marvel. The UKG A kids are waiting to take you to the shore with their aquatic acrobats.


Anchor B – A blend of flowing acrobatic movements. That was mesmerizing.

Anchor A – That quenched our body’s thirst.  Now’s the need to take a pledge, to save the precious water, the very soul of our existence.


Anchor B – How long can you hold your breath?

Anchor A – I have never tried doing so… because I’m scared… I don’t think I can live without breathing.

Anchor B – That’s right.  Air is one of the classical elements.  Air is the earth’s atmosphere.

Anchor A –But what worries me is that the toxins and harmful gases released by industries, factories, and the increasing vehicles make it harmful for us, resulting in poor health.

Anchor B – Don’t worry… people have realized and are investing in wind energy and solar energy, as well as other renewable energy, to minimize the burning of fossil fuels, which cause heavy air pollution. Car manufacturing companies are also building more energy-efficient cars, which pollute less than before.

Anchor A –That’s a relief… Let’s take a deep breath and wait for our UKG B performers who are here to sweep the air under our feet.


Anchor A – That really took me off my feet.

Anchor B – It did.  The loud applause filled the air creating echoes of joy.


Anchor A – Which is your favorite season?

Anchor B – Rainy Season.  I love when it rains.

Anchor A – YEEKS! Rains irritate me. Muddy puddles everywhere, inconvenience. “Oh, God. Stop this Rain for Ever”

Anchor B-Just imagines, what will happen if God listens to your request and there is no rain at all. Results will be horrific. It’s time to start appreciating the rain, the main source of drinkable water. It’s high time to respect rain and nature. 

Anchor A– But don’t you think this kind of excessive rain causes problems to humans.

Anchor B– I think you are not aware that humans are the cause of this kind of climatic change.

Anchor A– What role do they play in regard to climate change?

Anchor B – They’ve thoughtlessly designed industries that emit greenhouse gases into the air.  This affects the frequency of extreme weather events such as drought, extreme temperatures, flooding, high winds, and severe storms.

Anchor A – Hmmm… and such extreme weather conditions can strongly affect agricultural production too.

Anchor B – I guess our little performers from UKG C are here to make you experience the different seasons while at your seat.


Anchor B – I’m sure you enjoyed every bit of that bountiful love of nature.


Anchor A –Every celebration has to come to an end, but we rely on the faith that there is never an end but always a beginning because the show must go on.

Anchor B -An end is the beginning of something new, something so worthy, something so inordinate. The beauty lies in relishing whatever we have in present and expecting the best out of the future.

Anchor A– On this note, let’s move further to our final and splendid performance, the finale of this magnificent evening.

Anchor B– Presenting to you our grand finale. Let’s hear it for them.


Anchor A – This is what we call Finale.

Anchor B– Amazing act, amazing dance steps, amazing costumes, what grace and poise. Kudos to our very own choreographers -Ambli Maam,   Alwin Sir, and Lazarus Sir for putting up this great act.

Anchor A– High-spirited presentations, lively dances, Top-notch performances, Stunning costumes, Too good to be true sets, and most outstandingly, you, the audience. The people who made this show possess life.

Anchor B –Now it’s time for a vote of thanks, I would like to call upon the stage _______.


 Anchor A– We are greatly appreciative of the fact that you all gave your best to us and made this show such a huge knockout. We sincerely believe that you will unceasingly support us with your inspiring love and in return, we assure you we to convey to you the best of what we have.

Anchor B – Thank you once again all of you.

Let’s all stand for the School Anthem

Hope you like this Anchoring Script for Kindergarten annual day. If any queries about this then let us know through comments. we will definitely back to you. also share this with your school friend who actually wants this. thank you.

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