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Eenadu daily epaper which is the largest circulated Telugu Paper in the State of Andhra Pradesh along with the Condition of Telangana of India (Eenadu epaper Telangana).

It supplies all opinions on a particular topic. By way of instance, through Telangana agitation occasions it released several viewpoints for anti and pro T state creation. Various perspectives on topics like cow slaughter, Capital structure, special standing, etc are published.

Eenadu epaper date wise (ts eenadu epaper datewise pdf)

According to the Indian Readership Survey Q1 2012, Eenadu ranks at number six among the Indian language dailies with a total readership of 5,906,000. Various editions of Eenadu exist throughout the Telugu-speaking region of India constituting the State of Andhra Pradesh and the State of Telangana, as well as in cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

Eenadu epaper overview-

TypeIndian Telugu-language daily newspaper
Owner(s)Ramoji Group “World Newspapers and Magazines”. Retrieved 30 December 2006.
LanguageTelugu (eenadu epaper telangana)
HeadquartersHyderabad, India
Circulation1,862 Daily (as of Jan – Jun 2017)

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We provide here Eenadu epaper Andhra Pradesh today date wise. So, it is possible to follow the link and download it. Also, we’ve got Today ts Eenadu epaper Telangana PDF for free download.

Eenadu epaper Date wise

Eenadu epaper Today PDFDownload

Eenadu epaper History

At the moment, the Andhra Prabha, owned by the Indian Express Group, was the significant regional newspaper. Eenadu began using a printing order of 4,000 copies, written by palms and produced utilizing a secondhand printing media. But, by now it was admitted from the Audit Bureau of Circulations in 1976, its flow had reached a readership of 48,000.

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By 1978, Eenadu surpassed Andhra Prabha”s flow and, from 1995, two additional competitions Andhra Patrika and Udayam brushed, leaving Eenadu with overHT8ML percent of the audited stream of Telugu dailies. After Eenadu enlarged to Hyderabad in 1975, it divides the town into target areas, recruited delivery boys ahead of time and gave off the paper for free for a week.

Before, it was difficult to deal with the 3 variations of the 1970s (the Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Hyderabad variants ) because the sole communication facilities available for this book at the time were the telegram, phone, and teleprinter, which had a limited presence in rural Andhra Pradesh. Eenadu epaper district variant

However, with the introduction of offset printing, photocomposing computers, and applications, Eenadu was able to establish variants in smaller towns such as Tirupathi in 1982. In the 1980s, the news editor of Eenadu, by his Hyderabad office, oversaw a massive local-based news gathering and disseminating business. However, by the end of the 1980s, there were six big Telugu dailies running, and the business was highly competitive.

Each publication center required twenty engineers to run its own printing presses. Eenadu’s district dailies were based on a market study purporting that heavy community substance could create new groups of readers and boost advertising revenue.

At the moment, eenadu epaper Telangana (ts eenadu paper) the district dailies print neighborhood news especially for every substantial place in the area, thus negating the need for any independent area every day. Few exceptional sections are published every day of the week. 


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