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Newspaper and its uses essay is meant to explain the pros and cons of reading a newspaper. People are curious to know all kinds of news, such as global and national events as well as news from the community and the district. So while writing this essay, I want to narrate my own experience of reading a newspaper.

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As education spread, people became able to read. So people became curious to know and read about the happenings in our society, the country. Newspapers today not only cover the news but have become a means of determining the living direction and future of the society, the state, the country.

In the past, current affairs were printed on a sheet of paper and placed in a square or on a board so that everyone could benefit from it. Gradually it became so necessary that printing presses were created. Large numbers of news pages began to be printed. Their consumption also began to increase. Those who were educated started the work of social awareness through newspapers.

In addition to social enlightenment and political developments, newspapers began to seem to be a suitable medium for the business sector to grow its own business and promote goods. Today we see advertisements in the newspapers for many of the daily use items.

Entertainment sectors such as drama, film, and art also began to spread their art through newspapers. Today we read a lot of news in the field of art in newspapers. Reading the lives of the artists, their interviews, we get to know their point of view.

Politics and journalism have always been associated with newspapers. Politicians publish their own statements and interviews, political party policies through newspapers. The issue of each political party, social issues, and the measures implemented for it are all covered in the newspaper.

Apart from politics and arts, sports, education, and editorial departments are also covered in the newspaper. As you read the newspaper you get to read sports news, educational news, and articles by various authors. Includes stories, dialogues, jokes for young children. Health, agriculture, and meteorological news are also mentioned.

Newspapers are full of events and news that will have a logical impact on all elements of society, from children to the elderly. Therefore, the newspaper is not just telling the news, but the society is making up its mind. The majority of people, who are engrossed in work or business, do not acquire knowledge by carrying big books, but only read daily newspapers.

Newspapers today have advantages as well as disadvantages. Constant reading of conflicting news, violent events, debates can have an adverse effect on the mind. The same thoughts keep running through my head. So read the news that is needed, important, and beneficial for yourself.

Today the nature of the newspaper has changed. The news has started showing on TV today. Also with the development of mobile and the internet, all the newspapers are available digitally. Those who do not have time to buy and read newspapers are now connected to newspapers only through mobile. But reading the news with a newspaper in hand and a cup of tea is a different kind of fun.

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