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The problem of obesity is very serious. Obesity also causes many other health problems. Students are asked to write an essay on the subject of obesity to get a full understanding of it. To write this essay you need to know a lot about obesity. Let’s see how to write an Obesity essay!

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The problem of obesity has been on the rise from the last century till today due to lack of physical exertion and excessive consumption of food. Today, science and technology have made life much happier. It has its benefits but we are getting weaker in terms of health.

Obesity doesn’t happen overnight. Obesity is the extra fat that is produced in the body! In the past, the man did not use machines in his livelihood, so he had a direct relationship with physical labor. One has to go to another place by walking and There is no choice but to walk. All the food eaten was easily digested. Naturally, it was associated with physical hardship.

As science and technology began to be manipulated, food production and agriculture improved dramatically, but man’s hardships diminished. As the means of transportation increased, so did the number of people walking. Physical labor decreased but the food did not decrease. This led to health problems. With the development of technology on the problems that are arising, we now have to go to the hospital and buy the naturally available health.

Our daily routine has been disrupted by technological advances and human ignorance. From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night and having food when needed, the need for hard work or physical exertion began to decrease. The habit of not working hard got stuck. To break this habit is to exercise, there is a pain in it, and why exercise? The majority of people started living in such a mentality.

Excess fat builds up in the body due to overeating and indigestion. Exercise to lose fat makes you feel nauseous and obesity increases. It is very important to commit to daily exercise to prevent weight gain and exercise properly. If exercise is not possible, you can also do a variety of movements such as walking, playing, dancing.

Permanent measures to reduce obesity can include daily exercise, physical activity, and moderate meals. If you are overweight, you can just start walking. Eating in moderation can also be a primary remedy. When food enters the body in large quantities, it is properly digested and the glands formed by that food do not remain in the body.

Although the body is obese when it is young, the disorders do not get worse, but in old age, it gets a variety of diseases which makes the hospital our second home. The cost of treatment and medicine there is unaffordable. Therefore, time is wasted and life in old age becomes very difficult.

The body is a machine. A real machine works well when serviced from time to time and lasts longer, as well as the body. All the organs must be in order for the body to function properly. It requires movement. It is essential to keep the body hydrated without eating too much heavy food and to consume food the way you work. By doing this we can eliminate the problem of obesity permanently and also create a healthy body and mind for us.

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