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The majority of the population today prefers to live in the city. Own work, home, and family, all together are migrating to the city. This essay explaining the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city. Special care should be taken while writing this essay on city life or City Lifestyle. It is important to know what urban life is like.

Essays on urban life | City Life Essay in English

Urban life and rural life, the difference them is their living style or lifestyle that has been felt in the last few years. People from the villages started migrating to the cities to escape poverty and live a comfortable life. Recognizing the hope and need for survival, urban life continued to flourish. Everywhere people began to like the life of blazing, rush, competition, and lighting.

The majority of people feel financially burdened when it comes to family responsibilities. As a result, people started migrating to the cities as there were many industries and occupations in the urban areas. All kinds of opportunities like film, business, education, art became available in the city. As the population grew, things like urbanization and industrialization came into existence.

As the future seems brighter in the city than in the village, many people decide to live in the city. When a person goes to the city for work or business, he arranges to stay, then his family, children, relatives all come to live there. With proper education, games, travel available to the children, then the same person does not think of going elsewhere.

The same facilities that are available in urban areas may be available in semi-urban or rural areas. From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, all the facilities like travel, food, entertainment are easily available to him in the city. Since the city works till late at night, there is no difficulty in completing the work and getting more pay.

Adequate use of all physical facilities, the supply of electricity and water, transportation, travel, sanitation, asphalt roads everywhere, one or more benefits can be said to be living in the city. Therefore, everyone tends to live a comfortable life by earning more in the city than just living frugally in rural or semi-urban areas. Today, urban life is a pleasant experience, with large malls for shopping, gardens for entertainment, cinemas, and hotels for dining.

The biggest loss in urban life is the loss of health! Pollution from factories, vehicle fumes, and garbage is increasing, endangering human health. So clinics are growing. The person is becoming ill even before living a quiet and contented life. Many diseases are invited due to the scope of work and stressful life. In addition, due to the lack of basic income in the city, inflation of all commodities is very high.

Living beings and their survival are gifts of nature. So the closer we get to nature, the richer life becomes. So increase the environment and the number of trees rather than overcrowding and overpopulation. Reduce vehicle usage. We can create an eco-friendly environment even if it is an urban area by maintaining the balance of nature.

Money and work are important, but so is health and peace. So if you want to live an urban life with a personal purpose, then you will not feel much trouble. If you are inclined to live a prosperous life without opposing to rural life as well as urban life, then you will definitely like urban life!

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