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Happiness is a pleasant experience in life. As happiness grows, so does life. Happiness requires special observation to write an essay on the subject. In it, students can describe in detail their own experiences and how life can be happier. Let’s see then, how to write a Happiness Essay!

Happiness Essay for Students ( 500 Words )

Is happiness just a concept or a real experience? Thinking about it requires living experience behind that thinking. If a happy experience is ever known, it does not go unnoticed. “Live a happy life.”, “Always be happy.” We are only talking about such good thoughts, but we have to experience them.

Happiness in life should increase while living as a human being. Happiness cannot be a thought or study. No one can teach us to be happy but we can show the way to be happy. Man’s inner desire is to attain happiness, so he never gets satisfaction from what he gets except happiness.

We can be happy if we want to be happy. A toddler is naturally happy. He does not have to be taught to be happy and cheerful. Even a small child does a lot of things and deeds according to him but he has no desire for those things or in the deeds he is doing. So since the attainment of pure happiness is natural, he does not have to try to be happy.

As we get older. We see inconsistencies in the surrounding society. Man lives in bondage. Then we also feel that we need to do what the people around us are doing. Then, when there is no desire, selfishness, and ambition and the pursuit of material things begin. Then gradually we lose our natural nature, that is, our happy nature.

It is necessary to strive for new happiness again. It is necessary to get rid of the wrong rites. Start with what you can do to be happy. Gradually the surrounding conditions will become thinner for you and you will be able to live a happy life because happiness is your nature.

True happiness comes from getting rid of the future, fear, ambition. On the contrary, sometimes our concept of happiness can be wrong. We get momentary happiness from objects and the external world but happiness is lasting. If we know the difference between external vision and internal vision, we will understand that external vision is Pleasure and inner vision is the source of happiness.

Personal problems, family, and social strife are all consequences of not being happy. We only get ego from what people say will bring us happiness and bliss. Happiness has to find itself. And its attainment is our way of life.

A happy person is what everyone wants. In such a person you will never find opposition against anyone. Happiness, contentment, material comforts are easily obtained if you are happy. So happiness does not mean seeking pleasure.

The initial effort to achieve physical and mental satisfaction is the first step you take towards happiness. Happiness is easily possible if the body and mind are healthy. For that, you have to understand the body and mind. Happiness is not far away from you if you keep on doing things like exercise, good thinking, hard work, harmony, intensity.

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