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The most important thing that the current generation lacks is health! There must be a detailed knowledge of what health is, for which health education can be very useful. For this, health education is an essay that students have to write while they are in school life. So let’s see how to write the essay on Health Education!

Health Education – English Essay (600+ words) |

Man is taught from infancy. So the way we are now is the result of the education we have been given. The majority of the population today suffers from mental and physical ailments. We are treating it as a temporary remedy. But how can we adopt a way of life that does not make us sick? And how can you stay healthy and happy for the rest of your life? The answer is health education!

In the past, life used to include sports, exercise, physical exertion. Today’s kids are seen playing games but on mobile! They do not do physical work and exercise. So we have to recognize the future danger and try now. The issue of health education must come to the fore in shaping children.

The more educated we became, the more compressed we became. Today’s education only teaches us to think and compete, so people become selfish. So mental health deteriorates and then we see the effect on the body. Since most professionals work in the health sector, there is an ongoing effort to make people sick in one way or another.

If a healthy life is not adopted at an early age, then laziness increases with age. We have all the habits of being lazy, so when we grow up, our body and mind become weak. Then the solution is to use alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco in advertisements and movies. Then the damaging of the body begins.

We can start health education in school. Can teach physical exercises such as sports, exercises, yoga, and drills. It can also give an idea of ​​how food and thoughts can be beneficial for the body. The doctor tells us to follow the rules, the habits. Those habits we can teach in the form of Health Education.

Today’s education is only intellectual. It does not teach you to live a good life, to be happy. Health education can be very beneficial for personality development. With the internet available today, we can get the health information we need.

If you observe and think about your own family, you will know that you have relatives or old people, they are undergoing some or the other treatment. Observe their habits. If such habits change, will their health improve? Consider this too. Include such habits in yourself. We can easily adopt some habits like going to bed early at night, getting up early in the morning, exercising daily, eating fresh and pure food.

There is a great need for health education to create a healthy future and empower the next generation mentally and physically. We can open workshops, carry out public awareness activities for the benefit of old and young people. This will curb vain and unhealthy tendencies.

Pharmaceuticals and health research are great things, but they shouldn’t have a vision of humanity. They just think about the market and make business. Hospitals should be the ones that heal people permanently but Hospitals are working to make patients lifelong by providing temporary relief. Today’s life is so stressful that no one has time to think about health.

Considering how you are getting entangled you will notice the intrigue of all the professionals. They make a lot of money. With a little treatment, pills and medicines are taken for life. Their drug production and sales targets are met, but the patient’s mental and physical ejaculation lasts a lifetime. Recognize future risks and start paying attention to health from today.

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