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Life in the village, While writing this essay, students need to be fully aware of what life is like in a village, semi-urban area. What is the village? Sparsely populated areas, Their standard of living, facilities, advantages, disadvantages are all discussed in detail in the Village Life essay.

Village life Essay (500 Words) |

Village life is a calm life. The secret of village life is to live on a fixed and limited livelihood. The people of the village live on agriculture and animal husbandry without expanding their selfishness and worldly life. A person’s connection with nature, environment, land from childhood can make him a permanent resident of the village.

Village life is inhabited by a few people. Such settlements come together to take care of farmland and cattle. The people in the village are more loving and emotional as there is not much use of education and intellect. Such a population, which is busy with its own work and livelihood, leads a rural life.

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the village. Those who do not have agricultural land make their living in agricultural activities. Some people earn their living by keeping livestock such as cows, oxen, goats, buffaloes, chickens, using them in farming, and even selling them.

Dairying is the main occupation in the village. People also make good money by raising animals and selling buffalo, cow, and goat milk. Apart from the dairy business, there are businesses like farm implements, farm produce, fertilizers, seed sale, and purchase. Now with the development of technology, farming is done by modern machines, tractors. Due to dams and irrigation in almost every taluka, water has been available for agriculture through canals for twelve months.

If there are enough resources and boredom of urban life, everyone can live a pleasant life in the village. The village now has an abundance of agriculture, nature, water, and a clean environment. There is no point in staying in the city and spending money back to the hospital. Those who want to live in a comfortable and natural environment live a rural life.

Staying in the village will not only improve your health but also make it a habit to live a peaceful and contented life. But the village always feels a lack of facilities. Transport, travel, roads, electricity, water cannot be utilized in large quantities as the rural population is very small and hence it is not possible to create large scale industries.

Today, roads, electricity, water have reached every village. Transportation and travel facilities have been made available. The dairy business is also booming. Milk associations are emerging. With the advent of the internet in villages, it is easy to use mobiles and computers. Technology is creating new farming machines.

Those who aim to live in an environmentally friendly and clean environment must live in the village. Once you get into the habit of physical exertion, the mental condition improves with the body and there is happiness. In the pursuit of happiness and bliss, a man finds himself in vain in the race for life. So while living in the village may seem arduous, it is the beginning of a new life.

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