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Not everyone understands the virtue of friendship. Friendship makes life very pleasant. As a child, friendship is a virtue, or to understand a relationship with another person as a friend, friendship is written to write an essay. When writing a friendship essay, you want to convey a systematic and pointless feeling without exaggeration. Let’s see how to write an essay on friendship!

Essay On Friendship for Students ( English Essay )

Friendship is not just a concept, it is sadhana. Friendship is when a person treats another person with good intentions. Just as love is necessary for life, so is friendship. Friendships are formed when your strengths and weaknesses are matched by the other person.

The whole world is full of conflicting emotions. Love is also a form of hate. When there is friendship, there is enmity. Violence happens even though it is non-violence, so all these feelings need to be understood in a constructive way. Friendship is a constructive emotion, while enmity is a negative emotion. In friendship, a person is unselfishly attached to a person, but not in love. Competitions are held in all places except friendship.

Friendship is a logical, loving emotional relationship. There are no rules for making friends with someone your own age. People of all ages can be your friends. There is true friendship in knowing the other person’s mind and treating him as your own.

In friendship, the need is met, but we should not look at friendship only as a need. He should not be your friend because he is your neighbor or your age. If you need help with friendship, you should help generously. Do not make inconsistent arguments at that time.

Since man can speak this, he can store his own experience. So the marrow gathered in friendship is never forgotten. All the friends in school, college, job are needed for that. Friendships formed at different stages of life are nurtured at that age. Work and personal life may be different but no matter how many years have passed, the experiences of friendship are the same. Often they are narrated.

Suppose the friendship ends when selfishness prevails. A selfish person can never be someone’s friend. Friendships need to be nurtured by using the things you need. Today things are considered more important than relationships. That is why there should be a friend with whom we can talk and express ourselves sincerely. We can express all the garbage, all the emotions in the mind.

Once a friendship is established, you can become anyone’s friend. If love is nurtured in the heart, friendship can be made by using intellect. If a friend helped or you helped him, you should be able to express gratitude from the heart, then you can be said to have become a true friend. One should be able to make selfless friendships without thinking too much about the pros and cons.

When we live life, we live alone, but life seems to be blessed if we are surrounded by people of our own nature. Therefore, happiness in life is increasing. In friendship, there is no such thing as private life and social life. Then the problem in life doesn’t seem to be a problem at all, moreover, the realization develops that everyone in contact is one – two or three.

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