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Water is life, This essay has to be written by students to understand the importance of water. Water is essential for all living things. One has to write an essay on the water to understand its importance, use, misuse, and planning. So let’s see how to write water is Life Essay!

Water is life for students ( English Essay ) |

The principle of water in our body is more than seventy percent. Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. The earth is also covered by more than seventy percent water. Also, you need water to drink every day. Water is also needed for cooking and washing clothes. Water is needed not only for other activities in daily life but also for the functioning of the body and the life of other living beings as water is the only source of water.

The principle of water is chemically formed by the combination of two hydrogens and one oxygen. Since these principles are naturally available, you do not have to make special efforts to obtain water. Since the atmosphere and environment on earth are nutritious, the process of water formation is easily possible.

The water that is available on the earth evaporates and turns into a vapor cloud, and when cold weather is formed, rainfalls, a process called the water cycle. As this process takes place every year, we do not look closely at the water, but considering the use and need of water for human beings and nature, water is just life beyond the chemical element.

Living things on the earth are humans, animals, birds, insects, aquatic animals, and plants. Since water is a body principle, all animals, birds, and plants also need water. Oceans, rivers, lakes are natural reservoirs of water. The food that the organism consumes as food cannot be produced without water.

Apart from daily use, water is also used for agriculture, fire extinguishing, laboratory chemical making, construction, and power generation. Today water is used for cleaning and drinking. For this, water is artificially purified using various filters. Drinking such water reduces the chances of contaminated water entering the stomach.

If there is one area where water is most used, it is agriculture that Occurs in the food production sector. Today packaged food is eaten. It requires a lot of water to make it as well as abundant water in the field for grain production. Some efforts like digging wells drain, irrigation projects are done to make water available continuously.

While water is called life, on the one hand, the problem of water pollution is also on the rise. Water pollution is increasing due to increasing population, industrialization, waste disposal. As a result, the water becomes polluted and aquatic animals suffer. The goal should be what can be a permanent measure to prevent water pollution.

If the growing population is brought under control, water can be used as needed, and as a result, water pollution will be reduced. Now the pure sources of water are dwindling. River levels are declining. The construction of the dam made it possible to generate electricity but the river could not be revived due to obstruction of the mainstream. If we say water is life, how can water resources be increased and pollution be reduced? This should also be addressed.

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