Kurukshetra magazine PDF Download

The Kurukshetra magazine is regarded as a significant source of current affairs information and insight for UPSC exam preparation. Considering that the data comes from the government, it’s accurate and can be reliably used for the IAS examination answers.

Kurukshetra magazine PDF Download

In this section, we bring you the monthly Kurukshetra magazine PDF at a crisp and ready-to-study format. We would be picking the most crucial and exam-worthy posts in this magazine for the month and present it broken-down and neatly analyzed. Also, we are providing Kurukshetra magazine in Hindi

Current Affairs is the most energetic and challenging element of the UPSC examination, and also to tackle this section, it’s very important that aspirants go through magazines such as the Kurukshetra and the Yojana. So as to make life simpler, we bring you the gist of those magazines for your own benefit and convenience.

About the Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra Magazine is sponsored by the government and is a formal enterprise, it’s certainly not limited to expressing the government perspectives independently. Kurukshetra gives different shades of opinion and perspectives on any matter and thereby presents a balanced picture. Also they publish it in English and Kurukshetra magazine in Hindi.

  • Covers important social issues
  • Covers many topics including current affairs important for Essay and GS papers in UPSC Mains
  • the Kurukshetra magazine also helps in the UPSC personality test/interview
  • It contains credible information as it comes from the government itself–hence, can be safely used in the UPSC exam
  • It generally gives both sides of the coin, i.e., both the pros and cons of an issue
  • Topics covered include polity, governance, schemes, agriculture, economy, international relations, federalism, budget, banking, etc.
  • Recommended by most IAS toppers

Download Kurukshetra magazine PDF variants from the links below.

Monthly Kurukshetra magazine PDF

September 2019 Kurukshetra Magazine PDF Download
August 2019 Kurukshetra Magazine PDF Download
July 2019 Kurukshetra Magazine PDF Download
June 2019 Kurukshetra Magazine PDF Download

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Key Facts of Kurukshetra magazine

  • As stated before, this Kurukshetra magazine in Hindi is read mainly by the students that are preparing for government or Civil exams. Now, if you’re reading this magazine, then you’ll find the government viewpoint on the subjects that are mentioned in it. The appropriate data and analysis are provided in the reports that you see in this magazine.
  • In the majority of the government sector examinations, you want to compose essays on your paper. After studying this specific magazine, you’ll find an idea about article writing. There is a lot of samples or examples of the genre.
  • Studying Kurukshetra Magazine will allow you to cover all of the current affairs. All of the recent launches, awards, schemes, awards are given in this magazine.
  • A number of magazines that one wants to read in the entire year, then it will be 12. Should you read this Kurukshetra magazine download during the year, then you may really come to know that you’ve covered all of the important topics.


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