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Hello aspirants, today we are going to share a very important Economics Book related to the Indian Economy with the name “Indian Economy By Sanjeev Verma“. This book of Indian economy holds great importance for the candidates preparing for UPSC, State Service, and Other Exams.

All the topics related to the Indian Economy have been explained very well in this book. This Indian Economy Book in Hindi & English PDF has been written by the late Shri Sanjeev Verma and edited by Unique Publishers. You can download Indian Economy By Sanjeev Verma PDF through the download link given below.

About Sanjeev Verma Economics Book

This book of Indian Economy (Indian Economy) is very useful for the UPSC / State Civil Services Preliminary and Main examinations and other competitive examinations. This book has been written on the basis of the new syllabus and norms of the Central Public Service Commission (Main Examination). One main thing about the new models and syllabus is that the question papers in these have become multidimensional ie covering many subjects.

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Indian Economy By Sanjeev Verma PDF Download

This book is not intended to be a compilation of the fundamental figures of the Indian economy, but to provide conceptual clarity to the readers and highlight the points from which the process of reform is applied.

So, We provide this PDF file absolutely free here, Just click on download link below and Download Indian Economy By Sanjeev Verma PDF free.

Indian Economy By Sanjeev Verma PDF


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Indian Economy By Sanjeev Verma book New Syllabus

Different aspects of the same subject are being asked in different question papers. This book discusses all the topics related to the Indian economy, whether it is part of any question paper, at one place.

By dividing this Indian Economy PDF Book into different parts, the new syllabus of the Civil Services Examination of the Central Public Service Commission has been sorted into different chapters. Some students have been rewritten according to the new syllabus. Other chapters and topics in this revised edition include:

  • Land Reform: (a new perspective)
  • New Investment Model (Model)

Similarly the following new sub-chapters have also been added in this revised edition –

  • Food Processing Industries: Industries of the Future
  • Ports of India: Economic Perspective
  • Rail: National life stream
  • Globalization: Impact on Society
  • Post-2008 economic crisis overview

Relevant chapters have been rewritten for in-depth study of the following topics –

  • food security
  • Banking

All Chapters:

Part A: Domestic Economy

  • Products of economy
  • Towards inclusive development (growth and development)
  • Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • Poverty and social enclaves
  • food security
  • agricultural sector
  • Land Reforms: A Second Perspective
  • Nav Bharat: Key Features
  • Industrial sector and liberalization
  • Structural development
  • Investment model
  • Integrated Energy Policy (2031-32)
  • Government finance
  • Financial deficit reduction, finance and government borrowing
  • Banking
  • Inflation
  • Capital market
  • Scheme in india

Part B: External Sector: Remote Visions (Globalization and Beyond)

  • External View – Towards Globalization
  • Globalization of introverted and extroverted economies
  • India and Globalization – Towards the Future
  • Strategy for Export-Oriented Growth: Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
  • Foreign trade policy
  • Economies balance of payments
  • Commerce Reform and Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999
  • Foreign investment in India
  • Multilateral financial institution
  • India’s Foreign Debt Exchange – Rate Determination
  • Foreign exchange reserves
  • Regional trading group

Part C – Global Economy and Perspectives (Economic Crisis and Aftermath)

  • India and the global economy
  • World Economy: A Version
  • Global integration
  • Lessons from the economic crisis in open economies
  • Global economic downturn
  • Global crisis – government intervention
  • Overview of the recent economic crises in 2008 and thereafter
  • Global consensus: pioneering steps
  • World-class unresolved cases
  • The future of globalization after the economic crisis
  • World Trade Organization: India and related issues

Part D: Revision, outlook and challenges of Indian economy

  • Economic reforms in India in two decades
  • Indian Economy: Perspectives and Challenges

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