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While cultivating this quality of honesty, many mental, physical, and momentary pleasures have to be removed. A detailed description of the pros and cons of being honest, and how we can embrace those virtues in our lives, “Honesty is the Best Policy.” This is what I want to do in this essay. Let’s see how to write this essay!

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Honesty is a virtue that is easily expressed. An honest person is always outspoken and courageous. Because if honesty is one’s own, then it is also imitated in daily life. A person who is honest never cheats on anyone, never lies to anyone. Because lying, deception can only be done by dishonest people. That is why it has been said that honesty is the best policy.

What is honesty? The answer to this question is honesty in oneself, in one’s nature, in one’s behavior! Being so honest gives you a different identity. Going beyond selfishness and ego and working and living selflessly is called honesty.

If the adults in the house are not honest when you are being educated as a child, then it is not possible for you to get that quality. However, if you want to cultivate the virtue of honesty by recognizing the benefits of being honest, you have to try from the small things. It should start with a small task.

Suppose you make a promise to someone, and if you don’t keep that promise, the next time no one will believe you. If you study, work, and get bored or avoid doing it, honesty will not develop in you. If you go to school on time, complete all the work on time, and spend the day without cheating yourself, relatives, lying to anyone, you can know the virtue of honesty.

There are many benefits to being honest. Every time an honest person is despised but everyone believes in the same person. Such a person not only succeeds in personal life, social life, but also happiness and joy are easily available to him. Instead of focusing on what you will gain by being honest, remember that honest living is the real fun.

If someone is taking advantage of your honesty, getting more work from you, then it is necessary to be vigilant at such times. But not too much honesty. Be honest with those who love you and with yourself. With the rest of the world, then, have a “good job and good job” policy.

You will find honesty in common with famous players, artists, professionals. Their success is visible to all but their hard work is not visible to anyone. He would have worked tirelessly to build his own personality by taking away the fleeting pleasures. It takes concentration to work hard. Concentration requires honesty with oneself, one’s own work.

How can you strive to be honest? First of all, look at what you do throughout the day. See how much of that work is time-consuming. Make a to-do list. In it, you try to be calm, balanced, happy, and honest. One day you will be happy to work honestly. Then hold on to that experience and continue to be honest.

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