Vote of Thanks for All Functions in Schools/ Colleges.

Hello Students, Today we are coming with a Vote of Thanks for All Functions in schools/ Colleges for all students and teachers. You can use this script as per your requirement. So let’s start.

Vote of Thanks


I deem it a great honor and privilege to propose the vote of thanks on this memorable occasion.

Let me, first of all, start by giving glory to the Almighty God for making today’s occasion a resounding success.

First and foremost, I thank our Special Guest Mr. M.Ananda Jothi, Plant manager cum Vice-President, Arkema Peroxides, who, despite his busy schedule has found time to grace this occasion. And I also express my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Swaminathan, Administrative Officer, for his valuable contribution.

We are grateful to our Rev. Fr. Secretary for his words of encouragement. His able guidance has always encouraged us. I thank him for his kindness, his interest, his hospitality and continued support.

I thank our well-wisher, Rev.Fr.Principal, St.Joseph’s school, for his stewardship, support, vision and commitment.

I thank our Principal and Vice-Principal for their un-stinted support for this function.

My heartfelt thanks to the Head’s of various departments and the faculty, for their valuable contribution, guidance and encouragement in all our efforts.

I owe special gratitude to the non-teaching staff, who have worked hard to ensure that this occasion becomes a memorable success.

I thank all the distinguished invitees present here, accepting our invitation.

I thank the members of the media for evincing interest in covering the event and all good hearts, who worked behind the screen.

Last but not the least, I thank you my friends for your cooperation in making this function a resounding success.

Finally, I leave you this inspiring quote by Martin Luther King,

“An individual has not started living

Until he rises above the confines of

His individualistic concerns to the

Broader concerns of all humanity”.

Once again I thank you all for your attention.

THANK YOU………………………………………!!!!!!

Hope you like this Vote of Thanks. If any queries about this then let us know through comments. we will definitely back to you. also share this with your school friend who actually wants this. thank you.

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