Political Theory by OP Gauba PDF Download

The present edition of An Introduction to Political Theory by OP Gauba PDF is different from its previous edition in many ways. The entire text has been re-edited. New material has been incorporated at many places to improve the quality of its presentation and to make it more logical, lucid, effective and up-to-date.

Political Theory by OP Gauba PDF

The present edition of An Introduction to Political Theory by OP Gauba is almost newly written. The material on conventional topics has been considerably shortened without diluting its substance in order to accommodate new material dealing with the recent developments in the field of political theory.

Key Facts of the book-

Some of the new topics introduced in this edition include new sections on feminism, the status of civil society, feminist perspective on the state, pluralist perspective on the state, communitarian perspective on justice, democracy as a way of life and concept of deliberative democracy.

  • The new points, ideas, and concepts included in this edition are reflected in the new, enlarged index of this edition.
  • The illustrative material used in this edition has also been suitably revised, modified and supplemented.
  • All flow charts, comparative charts, and diagrams included in this edition bear suitable headings.
  • A list of these charts has been given after the ‘Contents’. Placement of many boxes containing definitions, charts, and diagrams has been changed to make it more logical and reader-friendly.
  • The bibliography has been rearranged, enlarged and updated.

About Introduction to Political Theory by OP Gauba

Name Introduction to Political Theory
Author OP Gauba

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Overview of the book-

In Political Theory by OP Gauba PDF, the lucidity of its style has been maintained, its language has been simplified. Its contents have been rearranged with suitable connecting material to ensure proper placement of the new material. Further, I have tried to make it more reader-friendly by introducing new explanatory diagrams, flow charts, comparative charts and on-the-spot definitions of the new terms inboxes.

New Topics include-

  • nature and significance of political theory;
  • the end of ideology debate;
  • neo-liberalism, neo-Marxism, anarchism, Gandhism;
  • communitarian perspective on politics;
  • use of philosophy in the study of political science;
  • state and civil society, nationalism, and internationalism, the current crisis of the nation-state, contemporary trends in advanced industrial countries and the third world;
  • concept of popular sovereignty;
  • contemporary challenges to sovereignty including the legacy of imperialism, the role of power blocs, the process of globalization;
  • communitarian, post-colonial and Gandhian perspectives on the state;
  • concept of power including class perspective, elite theory, gender perspective, group perspective and constructive view of power;
  • concept of citizenship including the nature, components, and theories of citizenship, feminist and subaltern critiques of citizenship;
  • concept of human rights including the genesis, scope, and theories of human rights, civil liberties, and democratic rights;
  • the relation between liberty and equality, equality and justice;
  • social-democratic perspective on the right to property;
  • diverse perspectives on justice including liberal, libertarian, Marxist, democratic-socialist, anarchist, feminist and subaltern perspectives;


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