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Names of Groups of Animals List PDF

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Animals can be divided into five distinct groups: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Animal groups are collective noun that refers to a group of similar species of animals.

Animal groups can be classified as a herd, flock, pack, or gaggle. You will be surprised to know some groups’ names because they are funny and weird.

Overview of Names of Groups of Animals List PDF

Alligatorbask, congregation
Aardvarkpack, grouping
Armadilloherd, arrangement, pack
Bearsleuth, sloth
Beaverlodge, colony
Beecolony, swarm
Bitternsedge, siege
Catclowder, clan, clutter, glaring, kindle
Cattleherd, drove, drift, mob, flink
Chickenflock, brood, clutch , peep
Chimpanzeetroop, group, harem, cartload
Coyotepack, train, rout
Cranesiege, sedge, herd
Crocodilecongregation, bask, nest
Crowmurder, horde
Deerherd, mob
Dogpack, litter, kennel, gang, legion
Dolphinteam, school, pod, herd, party
Donkeydrove, herd
Dovedole, flight, piteousness
Duckflock, brace, bunch, team
Eagleaerie, convocation, brood
Elephantherd, parade, ack
Ferretbusiness, fastening
Fishschool, shoal, draft, nest
Flyswarm, business
Foxleash, skulk, troop
Frogarmy, colony, bundle
Giraffeherd, corps, tower, group
Goattrip, tribe, flock, herd
Grasshopperswarm, cloud
Grousecovey, pack
Guinea Piggroup, herd
Haredown, husk, warren
Hawkaerie, cast
Hippopotamusherd, bloat
Horseherd, string
Hyenaclan, cackle
Kangaroomob, troop
Leopardleap, prowl
Llamaherd, flock
Molelabor, company, movement
Monkeytroop, cartload
Mousehoard, mischief
Ostrichflock, troop
Otterromp, bevy, lodge, family, raft
Owlparliament, stare, wisdom
Parrotcompany, flock
Penguinparcel, colony, huddles, rookery
Pigherd, drove, sounder, mob, drift
Pigeonflock, school
Polar bearpack
Porcupineprickle, family
Porpoiseherd, pod, school
Rabbitwarren, nest, colony
Rathorde, mischief
Ravenparliament, unkindness
Rookclamor, building
Sea lionpod, colony, crash, flock, herd
Sharkschool, shiver, slew
Sheepflock, drove
Snailescargatoire, rout, walk
Snakenest, bed, pit
Sparrowhost, flight
Spidercluster, clutter
Squirreldray, scurry
Swanflock, bevy, wedge, team
Termiteswarm (while flying), colony
Tigerambush, streak
Whalepod, gam, herd, school
Wolfpack, rout
Wombatwarren, mob
Zebraherd, crossing, dazzle

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