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Certificate Human and physical Geography by GC Leong Geography Pdf is a must-buy publication for geography especially for those who are preparing for UPSC, State PSCs, and other Authorities exams.

GC Leong Geography PDF

The book is ideal for preparing for Physical geography. GC Leong Geography book looks into the many geographical variables of planet Earth. It helps students understand various facets of physical geography in addition to human geography together with a lot of illustrations to help the students get a better image.

Geography for UPSC

There are basically 3 types of questions asked from Geography in UPSC-

  • From Physical geography (be it Indian or World)
  • From Human Geography
  • MAP Based questions.

About GC Leong Geography latest edition PDF

The book has mainly two parts.(certificate physical and human geography pdf free download)

1. Physical Geography:

It provides in-depth understanding of the coastal regions and distinct landforms such as desert landforms, limestone and chalk landforms and people made from running water. Additionally, it describes about islands, coral reefs and oceans.

This component of Certificate Physical And Human Geography by GC Leong also covers various aspects such as the location of Earth in this world and further researches the crust of the planet.

2. Human Geography:

The second part concerns itself with the climate, weather and vegetation. It concentrates on different climate zones like the Savanna climate, Steppe climate, Mediterranean climate, equatorial climate, tropical monsoon climate, China type climate,  British type climate, Siberian climate, Lauren-tian climate and polar climate.

Content of GC Leong geography latest edition

· Great for Physical Geography: The publication is considered very useful by aspirants looking for preliminary evaluation of Civil Services and other prestigious competitive assessments.

· Lucid & Interactive:- Each of the geography topics are covered in a lucid manner and are written in a really the interactive manner with many photos, illustrations and maps offering a comprehensive explanation, wherever required

· Relationship between human and physical geography:-It deals with the many elements that fall under physical geography and human geography, to chalk out the connections between them. Local examples are utilized to help the students get a better picture of this situation.

· Photos & Diagrams: It is well-illustrated And includes maps, diagrams and photos to understand the text better. Every Part has a section devoted to questions to assist the candidates judge as to How much subject matter they’ve been able to grasp effectively

You may FREE download the publication from the link provided below.

GC Leong Geography Latest edition PDF Download

GC Leong Geography PDF Download

  • Book Name: Geography by G.C. Leong Pdf
  • Size:17 MB
  • Page: 198
  • Quality: Excellent
  • Format: PDF
  • Language- English

Overview of GC Leong Geography PDF Download

Elementary details of the majority of topics that comprise of human and physical geography have been covered in an easy to comprehend language, with many photos, illustrations, and maps offering a comprehensive explanation, wherever required.

A lot of geographical knowledge that one should own is there in this publication. And for this, the book is highly relied upon by students looking for competitive admission assessments or people aspiring to create the grades at competitive examinations held for many government openings from the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Gc Leong geography pdf is split into two major sections. The first one deals with physical geography, where comprehensive information regarding present landmasses, oceans, kinds of rivers, deserts, glaciation, mountain types, groundwater, rain, and its international patterns and such present natural phenomenon is introduced in a well-illustrated manner which makes reading a joy. Additionally, it has information on the planet’s crust and the many organic forces within our world. gc leong geography pdf latest edition has a comprehensive section on earthquakes and volcanoes too.

About syllabus

The next section details about the present global climatic zones of Savanna, Steppe, Mediterranean, Equatorial and Tropical Monsoon Climate. Factors of Human Geography spread over these diverse climatic zones, the kinds of agriculture practiced, the metropolitan centers, mineral wealth and the developed industrial connectors also have been included.

At the conclusion of each subject, a set of pertinent questions are put for training and creating a self-analysis about having got clarity of the topic presented.

gc leong geography book The publication is considered very useful by aspirants looking for preliminary evaluation of Civil Services and other distinguished competitive examination that examine general knowledge, including knowledge about geography.

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